Easily access sdcard and root directory on pc without usb cable

Two months ago, I published an article on how to Manage files on android device via web browser on PC or mobile. This is entirely different from that. The only similarity is the use of wireless connectivity.

This method of accessing files over wiifi on pc, mounts your device storage as if it’s connected via usb cable. It has three (3) different mount types: 

  • Hard Disk
  • Portable Disk
  • Network Disk
Most importantly, if you mount your device storage using this guide, you will still able to access your sdcard from your device normally. Any file changes are reflected in real time
Let’s get started with the ‘How-To’ already…

Required Downloads

  • Windows executable file and Android app [ Download ]
How to Setup and Mount Storage drives

Step One: Install downloaded files: Install .apk on your android device, and Setup.exe on pc

Step Two: Enable hotspot on your pc by typing this in command prompt

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

If wireless hotspot has not been created on your pc already, please read how to set it up here How to setup wifi hotspot on windows pc without software

Step Three: On your Android device, enable WiFi and connect to the wireless network created on pc

 Step Four: Now, run the setup installed on pc. It should automatically detect your pc IP address. If it doesn’t, click on IP Input. 
Then input password which will be used on your Android device to connect to the PC.

Step Five: Now, click Mount. (Optionally, you can select whether to mount as hard disk, portable disk, or network disk. 

Step Six: Launch Smart Disk Pro on your Android device, input the IP address displayed on your PC screen and the password you just created

Note: If you have both an internal and external sdcard, click on SD Card option (located down right of your phone screen) and select Storage. This will help you mount both internal and external sdcards.

Step Seven: Slide your finger from the USB drive icon to the pc icon as indicated on your screen to mount your storage drive.

Step Eight: Now we’re done setting up everything and mounting the drives. To access your files on PC, just launch windows explorer (Win + E).

Note: your sdcard (both internal and external) is mounted as My Smart Disk (S:).

Done! It’s that easy…

If you want to mount the root directory of your Android device, select root as explained in Step six.

If you use an iOS device, get your downloads from here, then use this guide to setup.

If you have any questions or complaints, please use the comment section below. I value your comments…

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