How to transfer text messages between android devices

Should moving text messages from your old Android device to a newer device be a problem? I don’t think so…and I guess the feeling is mutual 😉

If for any reason you want to migrate all text messages from one android device to another, carefully follow this guide.
Note: you don’t need root access to do this. Whether or not your device is rooted, this will work.
Step One: Download this app: Sms Backup 
Step two: Install and run
Step three: Click on New Backup, then select OK from the popup and allow backup to complete
Step four: Using any file manager, navigate to /sdcard/Smsbackup. This is where your text messages were backed up to.
Now, you have successfully backed up your text messages which can be restored on the device it was backed up on. Let’s now restore this backup on a different device. 
Step five: Remove the sdcard you backed up the text messages to and put in the second device (the phone you want to transfer your text messages to). 

Note: if you backed up the messages to your internal sdcard, you will have to copy the folder mentioned in step four to the root of your external sdcard before you proceed to the next steps.

Step six: Install and run Sms Backup app to the device. The backed up messages will be shown with the specified backup name (default: Backup01)

Step seven: Click on Backup01 and select Restore. Allow the restore process to complete

Step eight: Click Done. And that’s all!
You can now check your restored text messages.
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