[X-plore] Manage files on android device via web browser on PC or mobile

The app used to demonstrate how to share and access files on your android device via PC web browser or another mobile device is X-plore File Manager. Follow the steps below for setup and use.


  • First, download and install x-plore file manager
  • Go to Settings > More (Wireless & Networks) > Tethering & portable hotspot
  • Enable Wi-Fi hotspot and exit Settings
  • Run X-plore file manager
  • Click on Wifi server, then select Start
  • Select start
  • Check your Notifications panel, you should see something like the screenshot below
  • Enable Wifi connectivity on the device (PC or phone)) you wish to manage/share files to, and connect to your device’s open hotspot
  • Type the IP address and port displayed in the Notifications panel into your web browser and something like the screenshot below should be displayed
This will display in your web browser

Other screenshots
Music Player

Image viewer

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