MIUI 7 ROM for Sony Xperia S (Lt26i) [Updated]

This post features MIUI 7 custom for Xperia S (Lt26i). The rom functions smoothly and so far, I’ve discovered no bugs on my device. It contains so many cool features which you should checkout yourself 😉

If you wish to install this rom for use or just for testing, carefully follow the guide here to do a complete and clean error-free install. Though, installing this rom isn’t any difficult if you are already used to flashing and trying out roms on your device. Just install the normal way.    

How to install

Disclaimer: Your use of this guide (and files) is strictly at your own risk. If your device gets damaged, I or Leakite will not be held responsible. Ensure to always backup your current rom before installing a new one just in case something goes wrong.

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Step One: Download MIUI 7 for Xperia S

VersionROM Link
MIUI 7 (v6.5.27). Android 4.4Download | Download
MIUI 7 (6.5.20)Download
MIUI 7 (6.4.22)Download
MIUI 7 (6.4.15)Download
MIUI 7 (6.4.1)Download
MIUI 7 (6.3.4)Download
MIUI 7 (6.2.28)Download
MIUI 7 (6.1.8)Download
MIUI 7 (5.12.25)Download

Step Two: Extract the boot.img contained in the zip archive and place in your fastboot folder  

Step Three: Reboot device to fastboot and connect to PC (hold volume up then connect usb cable). Then type in these commands:

fastboot devices

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot reboot

Step Four: Boot into recovery mode, wipe data and cache. Flash rom and wait till flashing completes.

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Step Five: Reboot device to system. First boot might take a while, so please be patient.   That’s all…and done!  

Now your device is running MIUI 7. See my screenshots below…


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