How to stop annoying automated calls and sms from service provider

All network providers in Nigeria send regularly some annoying automated text messages to our devices: to an extent, it has recently turned into spamming as, on my phone for instance, I get not less than 6-7 automated text messages and calls which promote stuffs which are really irrelevant to me.

The most annoying part of this automated services is that, there is no option to opt-out of them. If it was possible to opt-out at a specified recharge cost, it would just be perfect because a lot of subscribers (me, for one) will opt-in to that option. Their services can be promoted in the account balance menu, call me back, data subscription confirmation messages, etc.
Imagine you’re expecting a credit alert to your bank account desperately, then you receive an sms as this:

From: 307 

Message: MTN Backup, service to protect your personal data (contacts, calendar..) detected your new handset. You will receive a message to configure it.

Or, you’re expecting a very important phone call- your phone rings and then you pick it up only to see  08034100  as the caller.

You already know what that feels like..

Now, to stop getting all these automated calls and texts, you’d have to download and install a blacklist app on your phone.
Install and run the blacklist app, then add all those numbers which you want to disable from auto-calling or texting your phone.

This should work until MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat their  enable subscribers to opt-out of certain services.

Some of the numbers I blacklisted on my phone include:

MTN Nigeria
Automated calls

Automated SMSs

Uhm, I basically use MTN for everything :D, so, if you use other networks, you know what to do ;-). 
If you need assistance finding a good and reliable blacklist app, comment with your device OS platform, and I’ll help you…

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