How to install Windows 10 port ROM for Lumia 920

This is official Windows 10 (build 10.0.10586.36) ported to Lumia 920. It has all the features of Windows 10 mobile and runs super smoothly. The rom already has built in root access.

Disclaimer: Your use of this guide is strictly at your own risk. If your device gets damaged, I or Leakite will not be held responsible. Ensure to always backup your current rom before installing a new one just in case something goes wrong.

Requirements for installation

  • Lumia 920 with unlocked bootloader
  • A PC
  • Windows Phone Internals  (WPinternals) [Download]
  • Windows 10 port ROM [Download]
Flashing Guide
  • Download Rom from above link and extract the different partitions contained in the downloaded ROM rar archive
  • Download WPinternals and extract to any empty folder on your desktop.
  • Run WPinternals.exe
  • Click on Flash, (located down-left of Wpinternals interface)

  • Now, select the extracted partitions
  • Connect your device to PC then, click Flash partition.

Once flashing is done, reboot device. 
That’s all.
Questions? please use the comment section below!


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