How To Extract / Unpack IMGs From .PAC Spreadtrum Firmware Package

Previously, I published an article on how to flash stock firmware on any spreadtrum device, but some people find it difficult flashing the .PAC firmware package contained in the downloaded zip archive. This could be as result of too many reasons: wrong USB driver installation, outdated firmware flashing software, and a handful of other reasons.

In this article, you’ll learn how to extract the important IMG files for flashing via fastboot, just in case flashing with a firmware installation software/program fails to deliver.





How To Unpack .PAC

Step One: Run Research Download Tool

Step Two: Once it is fully launched, click on the Load Packet icon.

Step Three: In the window that pops up, select the pac file you wish to unpack then click Open

Step Four: Wait for the pac file to load completely, the click the Settings icon

Step Five: Click to highlight any item on the list

Step Six: Now double-click on the highlighted item, right-click and copy the path

Step Seven: Paste the copied path to any text editor, Notepad probably

Step Eight: Open any folder and unhide all hidden items from the Options menu (the steps might vary slightly from the version of your Windows installation)

Step Nine: Navigate to the path in Step Seven above and you’ll find all the files there



How To Flash via Fastboot

  • Launch fastboot via cmd (remember to download and install fastboot)
  • Copy the partition(s) to flash to your fastboot package directory
  • Reboot device in fastboot mode. Can be done via adb: connect to computer and type

adb reboot bootloader

  •  Once in fastboot mode, use the command below to flash the copied images

fastboot flash boot boot.img

If you’re flashing recovery image, replace boot and boot.img with recovery and recovery.img.


Image credits: Hovatek

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