How to build a custom rom easily using Rickys Rom Kitchen

Since the introduction of Dsixda’s Rom Kitchen, building custom roms has never easier. Now, a more feature-full Android Rom Kitchen is here. Rickys Rom Kitchen has all what you need to make a custom rom from IMG files (system.img and boot.img), or an already existing custom rom in .zip extension.
One outstanding feature of Rickys Rom Kitchen is the ability to include Aroma installer in your custom rom (five aroma compatible themes included). And most importantly, anyone with a functional brain can build a custom rom using this tool. 😉
If you find out that your device is not supported or not in the supported devices list, please follow this guide.

How To Start Building Your Custom Rom

Step 1: Download Rickys Rom Kitchen

Step 2: Unzip all content to any folder (for instance, create a new folder on desktop and name it ‘Kitchen’)

Step 3: Open the folder and double-click ROMKITCHEN

Rickys Rom Kitchen

Step 4: Now, double-click RickysKitchen. A security message should pop up, click yes. Click Yes again to grant Administrator access

Step 5: Type ‘1’ then hit Enter
Step 6: Now go back to the folder where you extracted Rickys Rom Kitchen files to (i.e, Desktop > Kitchen > RickysKitchen). Double click on the folder Original.

Step 7: Copy and place your rom file(s) in this folder. (in my case, I used stock system.img and boot.img)
Step 8: Go back to the Kitchen now and type ‘5’ then hit Enter (as show in Step 6 screenshot)
Step 9: A window as show below will pop up showing a temporary folder containing your system.img file. Select the system.img and click Open
Step 10: Highlight all the displayed content, right-click and select Extract. Extract to system directory
Step 11: Wait for extraction to complete then close the window
Step 12: After closing the window, hit Enter while in the Kitchen interface. It will ask you to enter the name you wish to give your rom (without spaces). Enter the name and hit Enter
Step 13: You will now be taken back to the main menu of Rickys Rom Kitchen. From here, you can start building your custom rom.
Step 14: That’s all!
Note: If you want to remove some unwanted system apps from the rom, go to the folder where you extracted the system files and navigate to system > app. And, be careful…some apps are not supposed to be removed.
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