How to request inclusion of your device to Rickys Rom Kitchen supported devices list

If you eventually discover that your device is not included in the supported devices list, or you always see errors in the kitchen that are related to unsupported device issue, follow this guide carefully.

Step One: Run RickysKitchen

Step Two: Type ‘M’ and hit Enter

Step Three: Type ‘1’, hit Enter

Step Four: Follow carefully the instructions in the above screenshot, then hit Enter. If everything goes smoothly, something like the screenshot below will be displayed

Step Five: Now, navigate to the folder where you placed RickysKitchen. You should find this file dev-support.txt

Step Six: Attach it in an email with relevant text and send to this email address- ricky.divjakovski [at]


Upload the file to this thread at XDA forums

Step Seven: Wait for next update. Your device should be included at this time!


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