Things you should note in Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery

Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery helps you flash custom roms, baseband packages, apps and libs, etc. These are pretty good stuff, but there’s also a bad side if you don’t get some things rightly. Lets checkout a few of those things…

  • Don’t rename backups: It mismatches the md5 sum, and CWM wont be able to restore it. I’ve done this before, trust me, crappy situation to be in.

  • Avoid key test: Just a basic annoyance. All it does is test to make sure VOL +/- and power are working. Worst part? You can’t leave once it starts. You’d have to pull out battery, or force shutdown (on devices with non-removable battery)

  • Don’t pull out battery or remove sdcard when flashing a rom or restoring backups: when flashing, due to it overwriting boot, you might get soft bricked, and in restore, due to it doing the same, but more severe, you could also soft brick your device. Easy to fix, but annoying.

  • Keep your recovery version always updated: Some newer roms won’t flash on older versions of your custom recovery. This could cause flashing errors or a possible soft brick.
  • Do not partition or wipe your sdcard: This is really a bad idea. If the rom you are about to flash requires that you partition your sdcard, please use a partition tool like Mini-partition tool, etc.
  • Verify roms before flashing: Flashing an incompatible rom will brick your device, so before flashing any rom, be certain that you download the exact rom for your device.
  • Make sure battery is charged: Before flashing any custom rom on your device, ensure that your device is charged to at least 60%.
  • Never flash a baseband package that isn’t meant for your device: Before flashing any baseband package, verify that it actually is for your device before you flash. Flashing a wrong one will blow off your device radio / network signal.
Lastly, try not to flash a wrong clockworkmod recovery that actually not meant for your device. It will overwrite your stock recovery, and possibly soft brick your device.
If you have more to add, please post in comments…I’ll include them above.

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