How to extract apk file from installed android applications

Applications installed or downloaded from Google Playstore install directly to your device without leaving the .apk file which can be installed offline. 
Some other app stores also function the same way. So, in this brief guide we’ll learn how to extract the .apk file from installed applications list.
But first, you need to download and install X-plore file manager. Then proceed below..

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Step One: Install and run X-plore file manager
Step Two: Click on App Manager
Step Three: Select/tick the app(s) you wish to extract or fetch apk file(s)
Step Four: From the options pane, select Copy or click and hold the app to copy. 

Note: if you ticked more than one app, selecting one app to copy will copy all checked apps.

Step Five: If the copy/extraction process is successful, your screen should look like this below, with a success confirmation.

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