How To Flash .BIN Firmware File On Any Android Phone With Ease

Some firmware packages provided by device manufacturers are distributed in .bin extension and cannot be flashed or installed on the phone it is meant for, using the very common firmware flashing tools like SP Flashtool, UpdateTool, etc.

In this article, I will be sharing a different guide to firmware flashing- .bin firmware files specifically. This guide can be used to flash many devices across different chipsets (Mediatek, Spreadtrum, etc) and it works flawlessly.

If you have downloaded a firmware package for your device and you discover that its extension is .bin, carefully follow the steps in this article to flash the package.

How To Flash .BIN Firmware File On Any Android Phone

Download firmware files for InfocusInnjooiTelInfinixHuawei PhonesHuawei Tablets.


Flashing Guide
Step 1: Extract the contents of Piranha box Tool archive. Extracted content should look like this:
Step 2: Download the firmware package meant for your device in .bin extension. Extract the bin file from its archive.
Step 3: Run Piranha_Box.exe which has already been extracted in Step 1.


Step 4: Once Piranha box Tool is launched, Click on Chinese Tool Button.

Step 5: Under the Chinese Tools you should see MTK Chipset Tool (If your device is an mtk device). Then click on the Maximize button.

Step 6 : From MTK Chipset Tool, select Write.

Step 7: Click on Browse button and locate the .bin firmware

Step 8: Under Boot, select 8th Boot (mt65xx)

Step 9: Select USB Mode button.

Step 10: Again, select Cable Name USB_(Cable&Mode)

Step 11: Power off the device and connect it to your PC, then click Start to begin the flashing process.

Step 12: Once Flashing is complete, a Green Pass Status should display.
Step 13: Now, disconnect phone from PC and close Piranhabox Tool.
Done! You’ve successfully flashed your device with its stock firmware. If you experience problems using this tool to flash any firmware, please post in comments section.

If you get CheckSum error, follow this link to learn how to fix

Image credits: androidmtk

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