Smart Watches Are Pretty Important And Useful: Here’s why

A smart watch is a wrist wearable computer in the form of a watch. Usually connected to a smartphone through a smart watch app for management and also provides some form of bio-monitoring. They function as a mini phone as they make use of operating systems, serves as MP3 players, makes use of some applications just like a smartphone, and can be used as calculators. You can also link one to all your social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp through WiFi and can be used to receive phone calls and read massages.

About Smart Watches

Smart watch was first manufactured in 1972 by Hamilton Watch Company. In 1998 Steve Mane built the first wrist watch which ran Linux and in 2000 he was called “the father of wearable computing”. Sometime in 2014, Samsung announced its first watch and in 2015, Apple announced its first smart watch which met a lot of criticisms as to its malfunction and battery life.

Smart Watches

Recently, huge development and improvements have been made to smart watches. They are now built with LTE which allows a direct connection of 3G/4G networks (ZTE Nubia Alpha, for instance). They possess long lasting battery that can last up to 30 days if fully charged. It is now also used for sports with GPS tracking unit to record data history and maps.

There have been new inventions of children’s smart watch which is not as equipped as that of the adult smart watch but can be used to make calls, tell time and temperature. Its main purpose is to enable children make calls to their parents in case of an emergency.

 Why you need a smart watch

One major reason why people use a smart watch is for ease of information, that is, notification. It really feels great to just get a notification and go through it without having to reach out to your phone and the stress of unlocking your phone, if it’s not the kind with easy biometric unlock system.

There are places you would find yourself and it would appear ethically rude to check up your phone. Just a glance at your wrist will appear more subtle.

Also, it goes a long way in helping you preserve your phone battery. As one of the things that drains your phone battery is the phone resolution that the brightness might always be high. So, while your screen is off and you use your smart watch, it helps you save battery. And once your phone Bluetooth is on, you can play/listen to music through your watch, make calls and text with your phone. It helps you stay online while preserving your phone battery.

It gives great convenience and freedom when all the primary things you have to do with your phone can be done on your wrist. Like during workouts, your phone can be in your sport bag connected to your wrist and your TWS earphone, you can listen to music, answer calls with ease and you will not have to be cut short of your exercise. While the smart watch is also helping you calculate heartbeat, counting your steps and the amount of calories you burned the entire time.

Need more reasons?

Smart watches allow you answer or decline calls without bringing out your phone. Your hand might be a little bit messy and you cannot reach out to your phone or you might be in haste that stopping to bring out your phone will be a very big delay.

While preserving your phone battery, your smart watch also has a long lasting battery that can stay up to weeks if fully charged. So you do not have to go through the stress of always trying to charge it every day like your pone.

A smart watch also offers some sort of security. You might be in a place that you are afraid to bring out your expensive phone, so, you just use your watch.

You also get to customize it the way you want. Change the strap as often as you want and make friends think you have so many of them. You can also change the appearance of the clock in front of the watch to suit you.

Your smart watch also has a navigation map that helps you when you do not know your direction and it is easier to use than your phone. Onlookers will not even realize you do no know your way as it will be more obvious with your phone.

From the foregoing, you have seen that life is made easier with a smart watch and it is very important for a stress free life style.

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