Oukitel Z32 Smartwatch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Just seven years ago, the first Galaxy watch was birth as the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Since then it’s been a luxury of Smartwatches released, with Apple and different brands trooping in to create these important Smartwatches capable of so many features.

Samsung has never failed in its delivery; they are a top brand with creation of quality devices from phones to accessories to Smartwatches, the best slogan that fits is “They do not fail”.

Let us not forget that it is a very competitive industry. The Smartwatch era is here to stay and every company wants to have a piece of the cake. With the first smartwatch to have been invented by Seiko in 1982 (Seiko T001), the idea of having the watch in James Bond’s Octopussy showed that even the world as at the 19th century was in love with the idea of having watches that can do smart things. Even though the first Smartwatch would definitely not have offered much, it was a stepping stone to possibilities that 30 years later have grown into a mega business.

Seiko T001

Believing in Samsung is not abnormal, they have proven to be worthy of that strong trust. They were the first company to introduce Smartwatches to the Android market and making the first smart watch capable of making calls in 1999. They are never short of innovations, but I wouldn’t lie the Smartwatches then were ugly. Makes me believe we are doing so well in terms of design as at now. Let me not give so many appraisals, maybe in 30 years’ time our famous Smartwatches can be tagged as also not good looking, as time passes, trends changes.

It’s 2020, and from the start of Smartwatches in the 19th century till this point, we might have come a long way. And we are at that junction where everyone wants a Smartwatch. The trends and sleek look, but that isn’t all. With this much competition, we have to ourselves a whole lot of top Smartwatches made of quality, with my pick today being the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 vs Oukitel Z32. Let’s take a look at both.

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Oukitel Z32

The Oukitel Z32 is a 1.6-inch screen Smartwatch, with IPS technology and 400 x 400 pixel resolution. It possesses rare features like the facial recognition which is possible by a 2MP camera above the display, with video calls also possible using Messenger apps.

To its side is also a photographic sensor or camera of 8MP or resolution that allows it to take photos. The watch is 4G compatible, accepts simcard or simchips, with a MediaTek MT6739 processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB storage which is very large for a Smartwatch.

Oukitel Z32
Oukitel Z32

A top notch feature of Oukitel Z32 smartwatch is the reliable or strong battery life. It is equipped with 1800mAh (900mAh smartwatch battery + 900mAh wireless charger) battery. This is way better than most of the available smartwatches.

The long lasting battery life of OUKITEL Z32 SMARTWATCH is divided into two phases, a 900mAh inbuilt battery that lasts for 48 hours and when low, a wireless charger that acts as a power bank having also 900mAh. This means you do not have to pull your watch every now and then to charge, and you can go on a trip with your portable wireless charger that looks like a small round power bank that you can easily use to recharge without electricity, lasting your total time to above 80 hours. This is ranked as probably the watch with the largest battery life span.

Checkout the Oukitel Z32 smartwatch features

Display: IPS screen with 4000 X 4000 resolution.
Size: 1.6-inch round screen.
OS: Android 7.1.1
Storage: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM
Camera: 2MP front camera + 8MP side camera
GPS, 4G, Bluetooth & WI-FI: YES
Other Features: Face recognition, supports multiple languages, calls, messages, vibrator remainder, weather forecast, Google voice assistance, waterproof, scratch resistance.
Health Functions: Heart rate measurement, Multi-sports Mode , Pedometer, Exercise Data Analysis.
Price: $189.9 USD

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Measuring your blood level may no longer need a laboratory test with this device, as unveiled in Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event. I am not saying you are going to get a full blood count with your white blood cells and red blood cells given, lol! We are probably getting there, but I am saying having this device means you have a step away from the lab and a constant check as this device comes with an ECG, SpO2 to measure oxygen saturation level, blood pressure monitor, advanced sleep tracking, post run analysis, etc.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3
Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The Samsung Galaxy watch3 might have combined Biotechnologists and the very best watch makers to create this health and watch combo that is irresistible. Not forgetting we are in a pandemic, which oxygen levels are constantly monitored in coronavirus patients with a pulse oximeter. Having this device will help monitor that to help you know if visiting the emergency room or calling for a doctor is needed before you begin to grasp for breath.

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This could also be a popular device for women for Period checking. As it adds to its features menstrual cycle or period tracking, giving you information about your next period and fertility periods prediction. This is powered by the Glow app though, which without the device can still be gotten.

The amazing feature for the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 that doesn’t just make it smart but also a friend is the fall detection. The Galaxy Watch3 has the ability to call emergency and send them your location if you fall and you are unable to move- meaning if you fainted, unconscious etc. This feature is very lovable even if no one wants to be in that position of ever needing to use the fall detection.

Let’s take a look at the features and specification of Samsung Galaxy Watch3.

Checkout the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 features

Display: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen 360 X 360 Resolution.
Size: 1.4-inch round screen.
OS:  Tizen-based wearable OS 5.5
Storage: 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM
Camera: No
GPS, 4G, NFC, Bluetooth & WI-FI: YES
Sensors: Gyro, Accelerometer, Heart rate, Barometer, compass, and Talking mode
Battery:  Li-ion 340 mAh with Qi wireless charging
Other Features: ECG, Blood pressure monitor, water resistant, Fall detection, sleep tracking.
Price: $389.99 USD         

If you are more interested in your health check than fitness or other purposes, the Galaxy Watch3 is your very reliable choice. It is very suitable using the fall detection for patients with Asthma, Epilepsy, etc. for a faster emergency response. But looking for a general smart watch Oukitel Z32 also has quite a lot of advantages. It is referred to as the best smart watch for general purpose in 2020. It has a way better battery life in comparison to the Galaxy Watch3, 1800mAh to 340mAh is a lot of difference. It also has dual camera with Galaxy Watch3 having none. The ability to do video calls is very good, feel free to climb up the mountain and call your lover that you made it up there and show her the view, if network lets you though.

Another far apart comparison is the storage. Oukitel z32 possess 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM which is way larger than the 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM on Galaxy Watch3, allowing you to store more apps. But certainly should be as a result of having a camera with the ability to take videos, storing these videos should be a thing that needs more storage, on Oukitel z32. The price of Oukitel Z32 is $200 USD, cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Watch3 despite its outstanding features. They are both great deals for anyone, with both having several advantages over the other.

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