How to reset settings on Android without factory resetting the devce

Sometimes, all you want to do is just reset the settings you applied on your device but then you end up wiping the entire data on the device.

Factory reset and Settings reset have a very slight difference. When you factory reset your device, it wipes every ‘user activity’ (user installed apps, contacts, settings, messages, etc) from the device. But if you only reset the device Settings, it affects nothing but your predefined device behavior (that is, sound settings, applied widgets, display options, etc).

Resetting your device settings…
  • Launch Settings > Apps > All apps tab.
  • Scroll down to ‘S’ and locate Settings in the apps list, then click on it

  • You should now see an option to ‘Clear data’, click on it then select ‘Ok’
  • You will be automatically taken to your device homescreen. Meaning that all predefined settings has been reset. That’s all!

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