How to automatically flash twrp recovery on some Mediatek devices

With the stock mtk recovery, you are unable to flash unofficial files like Custom Roms, apps, etc. TWRP makes it easy for custom wares to be easily flashed to your device without stress.   To install this recovery, please follow the guide below:

Disclaimer: Please use this guide at your own risk. If your devices gets damaged or bricked, I or Leakite cannot be held responsible for that. You are entirely responsible for whatever happens to your device.

Step One:  Install TWRP setup on your PC [Download or Download]

Step Two: Open MTK-TWRP found on your desktop and run TWRP.exe. Click Ok

Step Three: Connect device to the pc via usb cable. Ensure that USB debugging is enabled on the device, then select Yes for automatic mode

Step Four: Before this step, you should already be sure that your device is properly attached to the pc via usb. Select Ok to continue. Then allow it to complete loading…

Step Five: If you get a message like: Unable to determine your screen res, you’d have to manually select the screen resolution of your device from the different resolutions displayed on the next screen.    

  After selecting your screen resolution, the twrp will automatically be created for your device and flashed.

Note: If you don’t get any notification about your screen resolution, just sit back, and relax as your device resolution was automatically identified by the program. As in the screenshot above, the res of my device is 1024×600. Done! Its that easy. 😉

If you wish to revert to stock recovery, you’ll find it backed-up at C:\Username\Desktop\MTK-TWRP\BackUp-MTK-Recovery. The created recovery can be found here C:\Username\Desktop\MTK-TWRP\TWRPMy shot…


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