Learn How To Flash Spreadtrum Firmware Easily

Firmware (stock roms or flash files) for Spreadtrum Android devices are usually in .pac extension and has its own specific flashtool and firmware flashing or installation guide, which is entirely different from other Chipset. In this post you will learn how to easily flash any PAC firmware.

The flashtool and Windows driver required when flashing Spreadtrum firmware is attached below. Download and save them to your PC before you proceed.

Requirements – Downloads

Research Download & Upgrade Tool
Download (Mega) / Download (GoogleDrive)Download (Mediafire)
Spreadtrum Device Driver

Flashing Spreadtrum Official PAC Firmware

Download Research Download and Upgrade Tool and SPD driver from the links above.

Unpack the dowloaded drivers archive and run the software to install SPD drivers on your computer.

Once you have completed driver installation, unzip the Research Download and Upgrade Tool you initially downloaded to any folder.

Your computer is now fully setup and ready to flash your device.

Other Useful Spreadtrum Guides

How to extract contents of Spreadtrum PAC Firmware

How to backup Spreadtrum firmware from your phone

At this stage it is expected that you have already downloaded the firmware you wish to flash. You can use the search option on our website to find your phone’s firmware, or click here to download from our firmware collection. If you l ready have the firmware, proceed below.

Unzip the firmware package and extract the file that ends in .PAC extension to a different folder (not in the flashtool folder).

Go back to the flashtool folder and launch (or run) UpgradeDownload.exe

Click on Load Packet button (first button, top-left). Navigate to the folder where your previously extracted the PAC firmware and select it.

After selecting the firmware, click Start Downloading (the PLAY icon, or third button). In the progress bar, it should display “waiting”.

Switch off your phone completely and wait a few seconds for it to completely turn off, then connect it to your computer using a USB cable.

Once your phone is connected, flashing will immediately begin. Wait patiently for it to complete and do not interrupt the process to avoid bricking your device.

When flashing is complete, it should then display “Passed” in green. Click Stop Downloading (stop icon, or fourth button) and disconnect your device.

You have now successful flashed your downloaded pac firmware on your smartphone.


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