Facebook designs new messenger features that creates simplicity

Facebook today announced a new messenger 4 update that will make the app less busy and loaded and also adds more simplicity to it. The new update will lessen the existing nine tabs into three which will be; Chats, People and Discover.

The Chats tab contains your messages with people and group conversations and it shows first once you open the app. You can equally see message and camera feature at it’s top for capturing and sharing of selfies.

People’s tab shows active friends, people’s stories and allows you search and find friends.

Discover tab contains other things like business connections that allows you play Instant Games, latest deals, read news, book flights, among others.

Another amazing new feature is colour gradient for customizing chat bubbles in conversations. You can use any colour to reflect the mood of the chat.

Facebook is also working on several new features like “Dark Mode” as other old features like location sharing, polls, games and others still exists in the app.

Messenger 4 will be made available over the coming weeks for Android and iOS.

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