Whatsapp to add new features: Vacation Mode, Silent Mode and Linked Accounts

Just after adding new features like Group settings and data sharing, Whatsapp is set to add three more exclusive features which are Vacation Mode, Silent Mode and Linked Accounts. Vacation Mode is still being developed but Linked Accounts and Silent Mode are ready. Now a review of the above features.



Presently, Whatsapp allows users to archive chats. Those archived chats will automatically resurface once a new message is sent to the chat. Vacation Mode prevents the chat from automatically resurfacing when a message is sent to it, once the user has already muted the chat. This feature will enable a user, mute and archive group messages without getting any disturbance no matter the amount of messages that floods into that group. Archived messages can be viewed through “Archived Chats” options as it won’t appear in the list of chats.



This feature removes notifications of messages from muted chats. It’s annoying to continuously keep opening irrelevant messages from muted chats. This added new feature disables notifications from chats that have been muted. Muted chats will always show 0 notification even if there are thousands unread messages in it.



This feature is still under development and mostly being designed for Whatsapp Business which will enable you connect your Whatsapp account with external services. Just like Whatsapp has been linked to Instagram, they are also planning to link it with Facebook which will allow users unlock their Facebook account with their Whatsapp accounts. This new feature will be located under “Profile” and it will give users access to share their business updates from their Whatsapp Accounts to other Linked Accounts.

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