Download LG K41S official firmware (KDZ)

Download this LG G6 KDZ firmware to restore your phone to factory state. The firmware will remove root, virus, un-brick, and fix your device if it’s stuck on boot logo. If your phone lags, after flashing it should be better.

Additionally, you should consider making a backup of your current firmware, and all other important data on your phone. Flashing will completely erase your phone. Also, you should only flash your device if you actually know what you’re doing. To avoid messing up your device, or turning it into a brick.

It’s also important that your device is charged up to at least 30% so the process is not interrupted due to shutdown.

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Download Options for LG K41S firmware

Carrier / RegionBuild / Download LinkOS VersionRelease
HUN – HungaryK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-21
POC – PolandK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-21
VDI – ItalyK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-21
VDS – SpainK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-21
GBR – United KingdomK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
HUX – HungaryK410EMW20i_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
IBR – SpainK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
ITC – ItalyK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
NLD – NetherlandsK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
ORY – PolandK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
TIM – ItalyK410EMW20e_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
TLF – SpainK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-14
DEA – UnknownK410EMW20h_00_0920Android 10 Q2021-10-13
TLF – SpainK410EMW20f_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-09-26
HUN – HungaryK410EMW20f_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-08-05
HUX – HungaryK410EMW20g_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-08-05
ORY – PolandK410EMW20f_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-08-05
POC – PolandK410EMW20f_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-08-05
TIM – ItalyK410EMW20d_00_0711Android 10 Q2021-08-05
VDI – ItalyK410EMW20f_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-08-05
VDS – SpainK410EMW20f_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-08-05
IBR – SpainK410EMW20f_00_0712Android 10 Q2021-08-02
VDS – SpainK410EMW20d_00_0427Android 10 Q2021-08-01

How to flash LG KDZ firmware

After downloading this official firmware for LG K41S from the link(s) above, the following instructions will guide through the flashing process.

Please follow all steps correctly, to avoid ‘killing’ your phone.

  • First, download LG UP 1.14 or LG UP 1.16 flashtool to your Computer
  • Now turn off your device and enter Download mode.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up key, then connect USB cable.
  • Open LG UP tool, choose “Upgrade” and select your KDZ file (the file you already downloaded here).
  • Finally click “Start
  • Wait for the process to begin and complete without interruption
  • Your device will reboot on completion, then you can disconnect it from the PC.

Need more help on this? post in comments section. If there’s something else you’d to share or bring to our notice, also use the comments section down below!

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