Is Xiaomi Mi A3 still buggy?

bug in Xiaomi Mi A3
Xiaomi Mi A3

The Mi A3 is one of Xiaomi‘s Android One smartphone released officially in July 2019. If you don’t already know, Android One devices run almost-stock Android OS that is officially released by Google. It contains no bloatware, modifications or alterations by device manufacturers. I found what appears to be a bug in Xiaomi Mi A3 while using some apps on the phone.

Recently I got one Mi A3 device for use as a daily driver and discovered some software faults (bug?) in the phone while using Microsoft Word app. I also noticed the same in Google Chrome browser and doubt it’s limited to only these apps.

When you press and hold down text/image to enable drag-and-drop feature the selected item sticks to your phone screen (overlays) and doesn’t go away until you restart the app. Imagine a situation where you really need to get job done on-the-go and you encounter such- having to close and reopen the app each and every time you attempt to drag-and-drop?! The worst is, it just sits on your screen and cannot be moved out of your workspace in case you decide to move it aside, ignore it and close the app when you’re done working on your document.

I’ve used Microsoft Word on many other Android phones (even when I had a Redmi 5 Plus) and it worked just fine.

See short clip below showing the bug in Xiaomi Mi A3 –

Photos you should see-

Update: November 18, 2019

Seems like the overlay bug has been fixed in November 2019 security update. We’ll be on the lookout for other issues, if any!

Xiaomi Mi A3 November 2019 security update
Xiaomi Mi A3 November 2019 security update

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