Creative ZEN Touch 2 official firmware

To fix software problems on your Creative ZEN Touch 2 MP3 player (or update the software), you need to download the firmware in this post and follow the installation instructions provided.

Before using the firmware here however, you should ensure to charge the device battery over 30 percent. This is necessary so that the flashing process is not interrupted by low battery. Also, copy/backup all important data- flashing might erase all existing data on completion.

Use either of the download links below- *the first file is most recent.

Build / VersionFirmwareRelease Date
ZenTouch2_2_00_38DownloadFebruary 18, 2013
ZenTouch2_1_00_38to2_00_23DownloadApril 26, 2011

How to install

Well, this is probably the easiest process.

  • Once you download the firmware, (should be a .APK file)
  • Copy the downloaded file to the mp3 player and run/install it like you do every other APK file
  • Follow the wizard to begin and complete the installation/upgrade process
  • …and that’s it.

If you need any help on this topic, just post below in the comments section.

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