Jlinksz ZH960 official flashtool firmware (flash file)

This Jlinksz ZH960 factory firmware (stock ROM) can help you easily un-brick or restore your device to its default or factory state. If you have previously rooted or modified the system (or other) partition of the phone in any way, flashing this stock ROM will overwrite all existing modified system files to replace with factory software.

If you have you have important data on the phone (like contacts, messages, app data, etc), please back them up because you could loose data after flashing.

Charge the phone to at least 50% so that the flashing process will not be interrupted by low battery. Interrupting the firmware installation means bricking your phone.

Download the firmware file from the link below and follow the recommended flashing instructions immediately after the download options. Please report any broken links discovered.

Download Jlinksz ZH960 factory flash file

File nameJlinksz_ZH960_firmware+flashtool+drivers_(www.leakite.com).rar
Size696 MB
Password (copy & paste)www.leakite.com

Important! Always backup existing firmware before flashing any firmware.

How to flash

  1. Install WiseLinkTool_v3.1.0.29.exe firmware on the PC2.
  2. In the program, select the offline login item
  3. Click on the Open RegCode file button and select the file with the “.key” permission from the archive with program for flashing.
  4. After that, click “OK
    If you’re unable to login to BeTools with the selected key file, click here to learn how to fix.
  5. In the Project list column, select TD786 unless otherwise specified.
  6. Unzip the firmware
  7. In the program, click the button as shown in the figure.
  8. Select a file with .SCA extension from the firmware folder
  9. Click the Download button and connect the turned off tablet to the PC.
  10. The firmware process is displayed on the bottom line. Do not disconnect tablet from PC to complete the firmware process

Ps. If the firmware process does not start, then you need to install the drivers. They can be found in the archive with the firmware files.

If you have any questions or other contribution please post in comments section for assistance.


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