How to flash Red Magic 3 official global ROM (firmware)

Red Magic 3

If you bought the Chinese variant of Red Magic 3 and wish to install the global firmware on the phone, follow the instructions on this page carefully to guide you.

Before you proceed with the migration to global ROM on your Red Magic 3 you should take note of the following:

  • This is not device software or firmware update. The flash file will completely reinstall the firmware on your phone to replace with global ROM
  • In essence, you should back up all important data to cloud storage or other storage drive
  • All data on the device must be wiped to avoid compatibility issues after the ROM has been installed- most apps and services on the Chinese firmware are not compatible with the Global ROM.
  • Charge the phone to at least 50% to avoid interruption of the installation process

Download Red Magic 3 Global ROM

RegionEurope & Asia
Build NumberNX629J_Z69_EN_WPJ0O_V209
Size2 GB

RegionNorth America
Build NumberNX629J_Z69_EN_WPJ0O_V115
Size2 GB

How to install Red Magic 3 Global ROM

  • Download the global ROM from either of the links above (be careful to select the right region/firmware) and copy it to the root of your phone storage. That is, /SDcard/
  • On your phone, go to ‘Settings’ – ‘System update‘, click the ‘Settings‘ icon (the three dots) on the top right corner, choose ‘Local update‘, find the .zip file and click on ‘Install now‘ button to confirm. Wait patiently for the update to complete.
  • Once complete and successful, do not start using the phone normally with wiping data. Go to ‘Settings’ and select factory reset option or reboot to recovery mode and do a full wipe of the phone following the instructions below:
    • Turn the phone off, and then hold down both the volume up button and the power button. This will bring you to recovery mode.
    • Choose your preferred language with the volume keys and select with the power key
    • Go to ‘Wipe data’, and select ‘Wipe user data
    • The phone will reboot and you will need to set up with your Google account info.
  • That’s it!

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