Eye Care: why this feature is necessary in your phone



Updated: June 24, 2024

Eye Care: why this feature is necessary in your phone

Vision remains the most dominant of our senses since all daily activities engages the visual part of us. The eye is an important part of the body to safely handle our mobile devices everyday. Just as you can hardly do without your phone, you do not cease to expose your eyes to excessive beams of light that endanger your vision.

eye care is important on your phone

credits: IrisVision

Yet most people unknowingly compromise the necessity to keep their eyes in a healthy state for the sake of mobile device usage. Some are even battling with mild eye condition that could aggravate to serious vision impairment over phone usage.

Eye Care feature is one of the most helpful mobile phone features today for Smartphones. Even mobile app developers now consider building apps that will rather aid vision and not complicate it. Some even integrate Dark Modes into apps, which not only is suitable for your sight, but is both beautiful and saves battery. If you are planning to buy or recommend any phone today this piece will empower your knowledge on why Eye Care feature is necessary on your phone.

Necessity this feature

Phone brightness should normally enhance ease for sight on the Smartphone screen but when excessive, it can irritate the eye. Though a reduction in brightness could alleviate the irritation when adjusted at night.

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Eye Care feature is necessary on your phone for two main reason which includes;

1. Eye Care feature offers you a perfect screen filter that is safe for your eyes. Harmful blue light are shielded by this filter which generally resemble the colour of printed paper. This filter could as well be adjusted to that which fits your needs whereas some operates automatically.

II. Eye Care feature puts your eye in the comfortable and non-inversion mode. This makes mobile operation safe for use and even safer for those with eye complications.

Comparison between normal screen mode & Eye Care mode

Your device is possibly going to be in the general mode when you power it for the first time, so don’t expect it to automatically switch to eye Care mode except you effect the changes yourself. You might decide to alternate these mode as you like but do know that in case there is an impending eye defect, the eye Care mode is the best for the safe use of the device.

This has been the situation because there are categories of people whose vision improve without screen filter. Therefore the general mode suit a category of people and the Eye Care mode suit another category.

The future with Eye Care

With the current trend of technological advancement in the mobile phone industry, the future seems glorious with this very useful feature as most mobile phone brands are adopting this feature. There is a statistics that shows that a good population of mankind has at least a slight probability to face the risk of eye irritation with the general mode for screen brightness. This shows that more brands will support the inclusion of this Eye Care feature to their devices in the future. Obviously the future is bright

Devices with eye Care features

Generally, recent design from smartphone companies now include the this feature. Having realized its necessity, users also seek this brilliant addition to mobile phone properties. Most mobile phone brands like Infinix, Tecno, iTel, Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple and many more have this feature included in thier recent release.

You can now observe the necessity for which the eye Care feature is included on your mobile Phone. Therefore your next choice should be based on this knowledge.