ZTE Blade L110 Official Stock Firmware Flash File [SD + PC ROM]

Download ZTE Blade L110 official firmware from the link here, and follow the provided flashing instructions to learn how to flash the stock rom.

If you notice that any of the links provided below is broken or doesn’t work, please post in comments section so we fix and update it ASAP.



Download Options

Flashtool ROM (Research Download Tool)

File Name: SP7731GEA_ZTE_BLADE_L110_5.1_ZTE_AEA_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.0_ZTE_BLADE_L110.pac.7z
Size: 508 MB
Build: AEA_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


SDCard Update ROM (Stock Recovery required)

File Name: 20170217111045933_VEL_BY_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.3.zip
Size: 543 MB
Region: Belarus
Build: 325923B0186VEL_BY_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.3
Firmware – Download


How to flash

Click here to view complete flashing instructions for the Flashtool firmware package.

If you downloaded the SDCard Update file, click here instead. If you have any issue with flashing, post in comments section below for assistance.


Other links below broken…

File Name: 20180104142508576.zip
Size: 706 MB
Region: Chile
Build: 315901B0406CLA_CL_QB25S_L110V1.0.1
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20180102150146349.zip
Size: 517 MB
Region: Colombia
Build: 313630B0437DIS_CO_QB25S_P731A50V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20161213091900696.zip
Size: 645 MB
Region: Netherlands
Build: 322530B2177ZTE_AEA_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20161216143524406.zip
Size: 714 MB
Region: Greece
Build: 322141B0269DIS_EUR_QB18D_L110V1.0.1
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20170123151924729.zip
Size: 678 MB
Region: Kazakhstan
Build: 324700B0802DIS_RU_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20161013095600979.zip
Size: 554 MB
Region: Kenya
Build: 309881B0559ORA_KE_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.1
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20170815091858693.zip
Size: 637 MB
Region: Mexico
Build: 321510B2045TEL_MX_Blade_L110V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20180111152515904.zip
Size: 551 MB
Region: Peru
Build: 322934B0165ENT_PE_QB25S_L110V1.0.4
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20170731170314163.zip
Size: 667 MB
Region: Romania
Build: 336474B0118ORA_RO_QB18D_L110V1.0.4
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20171114174911578.zip
Size: 636 MB
Region: Serbia
Build: 335930B2529ZTE_AEA_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20161213091349336.zip
Size: 645 MB
Region: Sweden
Build: 322530B2177ZTE_AEA_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


File Name: 2016042511013631.zip
Size: 734 MB
Region: Thailand
Build: 308056B0107DTAC_TH_QB15D_P731A50V1.0.6
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20170123151302228.zip
Size: 678 MB
Region: Ukraine
Build: 324700B0802DIS_RU_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.0
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20171013152202179.zip
Size: 760 MB
Region: United Kingdom
Build: 338880B0666GEN_UK_ZTE_BLADE_L110_V1.0.0B02
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20161209112737859.zip
Size: 602 MB
Region: Zimbabwe
Build: 321853B0265TELE_ZW_QB18D_P731A50V1.0.3
Firmware – Download


File Name: 20161226145935949.zip
Size: 599 MB
Region: Zimbabwe
Build: 321872B0189ECN_ZW_QB18S_P731A50V1.0.2
Firmware – Download



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