Windows 11 Successfully Installed On Microsoft Surface Duo

Although Microsoft’s dual-display smartphone, Microsoft Surface Duo, ships with Android, developer Gustave Monce decided to upgrade the device by installing Windows. The experiment was a success, and the enthusiast has already shared the results on his Twitter page.

windows 11 running on Microsoft Surface Duo
Windows 11 running on Microsoft Surface Duo

The developer used the ARM version of the operating system to install it on the Surface Duo. He demonstrated the successful launch of Windows 11 on the device in images and videos posted online. Earlier, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows Mobile, and only enthusiasts are now involved in assembling the operating system for mobile devices.

Originally, the developer intended to use an adapted assembly of Windows 10 in the project, but with the release of a newer version of the operating system, he changed his mind. Nothing is known so far about the stability and functionality of a smartphone running non-standard firmware.

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