Top 5 Free Mp4 Video to Mp3 Converter Apps for iPhone

Yes, most smartphones capture videos in the MP4 (MPEG4) file format that is highly compatible with innumerable video editing apps and programs. But sometimes you might need to extract audio from video Mp4 files from your iPhone.

No doubt, choosing the best Mp4 to Mp3 converter app for iPhone is not an easy task because there are so many tools to choose from. This context is loaded with a few best Mp4 video to Mp3 converter apps that assists you to save Mp4 as Mp3 audio file. Let’s read on!

Mp4 Video to Mp3

Video to MP3 Music Player:

This free Mp3 video to Mp4 converter only requires three steps to convert the Mo4 file into a high-quality Mp3 audio file. All you need to tap on the + icon, then choose a file that you need to convert and tap the Convert button. Also, you could specify the time intervals according to which you want to proceed with conversions and create Mp4 files without quality loss.

The upside is that this Mp4 to Mp3 converter online supports all frequently used video file formats, so you can now turn videos that are saved in a broad range of formats. This handy iPhone video app lets you play music and even allows you to share Mp3 files to WhatsApp, Messenger, and other apps.

The Audio Converter:

This Audio file converter helps you to convert both videos as well as audio files to a wide range of audio file formats. Now, you people can transform MP4, m4v, amr, MPEG files formats among innumerable others to MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, OGG, and other audio media file formats. Remember that all the conversions proceed on a cloud server, which means you could not use this app while your iPhone is offline. Also, this Mp4 video to Mp3 audio converter offers limited features for free users, to proceed with some pro features you should go for the Premium plan.

For Desktop Users:

Don’t worry as serves you with the best version of online Mp4 video to MP3 converter that helps to convert Mp4 to Mp3 for free. This site is free to use but provides you with secure conversions. It uses an advanced syntax of “Cron Job” to handle user uploaded and downloaded files. Once the files are processed or conversion is completed, this syntax does its job efficiently by deleting your files permanently. So, don’t worry more since no one has access to your uploaded and downloaded files.

Video to MP3 – Convert Audio:

If you are seeking the fastest way to convert Mp4 to audio Mp3 files, then this online Mp4 to Mp3 converter is the app you need. The upside is that it lets you convert all videos stored on your iPhone’s camera roll, or you can even import a video from:

  • Dropbox
  • One Drive
  • iCloud
  • And, online file hosting platforms

This Mp4 video to Mp3 converter online allows you to set the starting and ending points of the new converted audio file. This indicates that you could easily convert only a specific portion of an Mp4 video file to Mp3.

All the videos that convert to Mp3 audio could easily be shared on social media or messaging apps within a matter of seconds. Even it allows you to transfer all converted files to a computer with the assistance of the iTunes File Sharing feature.

MP3 Converter – Audio Extractor:

Just a couple of taps requires converting Mp4 video to audio Mp3 with this best Mp4 to Mp3 converter online. Even there’s no need to specify the output format as Mp3 is the converter’s default output format. Once the conversion is done, you could easily listen to the file that you converted to make sure that its sound quality is at a satisfying level.

However, there’s no control over the bitrate of the output file or even any other additional settings that can assist to increase the quality of Mp3. The upside is that this Mp4 video to Mp3 converter provides you with modest file-sharing options. And, you also make an in-app purchase to gain access to all features of this audio extractor.

Media Converter – Video to MP3:

Apart from extracting audio from video, this online Mp4 to Mp3 converter comes with a built-in media player to watch videos or listen to music. This media file converter supports conversion for a wide range of formats. This means it allows you to perform conversions for MP3, M4A, WAV, and other audio file formats. The downside of this app is that you can’t set the preferred bitrate for the converted Mp3 audio files. In the event this app loaded with ads, so, you should have made an in-app purchase to remove them.


Remember that each of the Mp4 to Mp3 converted apps listed here creates impressive Mp4 videos to Mp3 conversions. Get any one of the above-mentioned and save Mp4 as Mp3 audio right now. Good Luck!

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