Top 10 Gadgets to Get in 2020

Well, it’s 2020 and we’re doing our best here to bring you- some of the best gadgets to help you stay safe indoors, and help rid the world of Covid-19.

Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor

If you love games, and find buying gaming PC or any console at any price it takes for you to have that superb gaming fun and quality, then getting an extra large, extraordinary gaming monitor should be pleasing to you.

Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor

Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is the largest gaming monitor, with 49 inches of screen to make your gaming experience favourable. It is flat, long and large, with a Rapid refresh rate of 240hz. And also possesses a 5120×1440 resolution (32:9 ratio!).

The QLED display makes it very fast and 250Hz refresh rate means motion would be smooth.

Price : £1,279.00

Moto 360 smartwatch

This is a new version of Moto 360 smart watch, but not brought out by Motorola. The Moto 360 smart watch was originally a Motorola invention or product until 2016 when they backed out of the smart watch business, as the lack of interest was low.

Moto 360 smartwatch

This time the Moto 360 Smartwatch was brought or reinvented by a company called eBuyNow; an independent company that builds promising electronics for their consumers. The eBuyNow company was able to get the Moto 360 smartwatch franchise and license in other to spring out this new note-worthy gadget.

The Moto 360 Smartwatch is the third generation of this watch, with the first and second made by Motorola. This third generation of the Moto 360 Smartwatch has more functionality than its predecessors. It uses a Wear OS, with both android and iPhones compatibility.

It is very fast, smooth, comes with GPS and NFC. It also has an always-on feature, with light sensors to adapt to your environmental conditions. The battery is sustainable, being able to last over a day.

PRICE – £299

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NuraLoop headphones

Nuraloop headphones are packed with exceptional features. This ear buds may not look small, but their lightness makes them also comfortable.

NuraLoop headphones

Having Active noise cancellation is a priority for a 2020 headphone, and this gadget didn’t fail. The sound of this headphones or ear buds is nothing but excellent, especially as it costs only £200.

The battery life is also 16 hours of nonstop music with ANC feature on.

Price – £200

Zoom for Home – DTEN ME

Spicing your office with a personal device that easily logs you in with your zoom user license and with a simple one touch, video meetings are made is a great idea for officials that are interested in making work easier around the office. You can also receive phone calls, share content, white boarding interaction and annotation.

Zoom for Home – DTEN ME

While you probably have used zoom on your mobile or PC, Zoom has a better experience with this. They created a 27 inch touchscreen purely to make Zoom calls faster, easier and better.

This gadget has three wide angle cameras with high resolution video calls. Cleaner audios are made with its top quality eight-microphone array.

Using the Zoom – DTEN ME means you are ready for online meetings, lectures etc, with the best quality. It is a notable gadget that has wowed its buyers this 2020 and is worth the check up.

Price : $600

Asus Chromebook Flip C436

This is not a cheap product, Chromebooks are usually affordable or cheap but definitely not this.

You can simply twist the 14 inch touchscreen of this system over itself, giving it a tablet look.

Asus Chromebook Flip C436

The Asus chromebook Flip C436 is a powerful laptop suitable for most tasks. It comes with a i5 processor, an 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

As a chromebook, it is expectant to have limited abilities, especially on compatibility and apps available for its use, this is different. It was made to serve all purpose.

Price : From £999

JBL Tuner XL DAB radio

JBL Tuner XL DAB is a portable radio, with a 10W speaker to give an audio quality reliance. This handheld radio with a powerful sound can last up to 15 hours. It also has Bluetooth that allows for connectivity with devices like your phone, for playback music.

JBL Tuner XL DAB radio

It is waterproof to an extent, so can definitely take some water drips. Having a radio on your phone is cool, having an hand held radio with enough mass and large speaker to create broad listening is encouraging.

This is already a 2020 purchase, as fans have taken the opportunity to purchase this product.

Price: £129.99

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit charge 4 is a fitness smart watch, with built in features like the GPS for distance, NFC and a 24 hours heart rate tracking. It also monitors the volume of oxygen in the blood, diagnosing sleep apnoea, a sleep disorder or condition that makes people to stop breathing as they sleep at night.

Fitbit Charge 4

The battery capacity of the Fitbit is also strong enough to last while it runs its tasks, lasting up to 7 days. With other smart features like pick calls, calendar, text, apps notification. The Fitbit charge 4 is a gadget worth checking out this 2020.

Price : £129.99.

Sony ZV-1 vlogging compact camera

Vlogging is now a regular activity, especially as YouTube is now a top brand that allows people to share their video content.

A lot of vloggers use their smart phones as a video recording tool for their channel. This is cool, but doing better is possible. Of course, that’s the work of a camera, but what if you can have a compact camera that makes vlogging easier and in focus?

Sony ZV-1 vlogging compact camera

That’s the idea of Sony ZV-1 compact camera, with its flip around screen that makes recording selfies easy, and also a 20 megapixel sensor, speedy autofocus, with image stabilization. It also improves audio by taking out noises. This affordable compact camera can make the work of a vlogger easier and is a top 2020 gadget.

Price :  £700

Skullcandy true wireless earbuds

Skullcandy earbuds is inventive; having to protect this piece with a technology that allows you track your earbuds in a map, means you can be rest assured of not losing it as fast as you did others in the past.

Skullcandy true wireless earbuds

With four new models available, you have options to pick from any, as their price range from £60 to £120. The ear buds give you water resistance, dustproof and also a sweat proof.

The wireless buds may come with wireless charging as a feature, you can find this in the Indy Fuel Skullcandy type.

But if you want a top earbud and inevitable outstanding features, the Skullcandy wireless earbuds are 2020 gadgets that are reliable.

Yoto Player- interactive audio player

Having a cassette player is like going way years back, when cassettes were a primary source of a good audio play, just before the arrival of CDs. But the advancement of audio quality has proven we weren’t even listening to great audio sounds, LOL! But that was great for us then, the same way in 20 years what we have now may look like thrash.

Yoto Player- interactive audio player

Yoko player is the advanced idea of the cassette audio player. It has a way better sound quality. But it doesn’t play cassettes; instead it plays stories from a slotting card. All you need to do is put in your card and listen to the stories in them.

It is very suitable for kids, and having to play them their favourite bed time story.

Price: £79.99 for the Yoto Player
Price: cards from £1.99

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