Things you should do if your blog is hosted on blogger

Blogger is a free blog host by Google Inc. that offers amazing services, all at no cost. If you ever want to host a blog on blogger platform, or already own one, there are few things you ought to take note of. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of those things. First…

  • Traffic / Page view stats on Dashboard: The page views displayed on blogger dashboard in the Updates panel should not always be relied on. If you want to detailed and advanced statistics of your blog traffic and page views, sign up at Google Analytics and implement the tracking code into your blog.

  • Disable tracking of your page views: Assuming Google Analytics has not be setup on your blog and you still use the stats on your dashboard to track page views, it is necessary that you disable tracking of your own views on your blog pages. This is important because each time you make any modification to your blog, you’d have to visit your blog and verify if everything is functioning and displaying properly. Sometimes, you view about three or even five pages if not more, and these self-initiated page views will increase the number of number of views displayed on your dashboard causing you to believe that your traffic is improving, when actually, it’s not.
  • Link your blog to your Google+ profile: By linking your blog to Google+, you get some extra traffic to your blog because any new post made to your blog gets automatically published on your Google+ profile. To do this, click on the Google+ link in your blogger dashboard.
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