How To Flash Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 VFD 700 Firmware

If your Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 (VFD 700) smartphone is stuck in boot-loop, boot logo, FRP (Factory Reset Protection), or you just want to flash the device with a new firmware, follow the instructions below to get started.


Update: 15/11/2017

You can now download the official firmware from this link –


The firmware flashing process used in this post requires reliable internet connection as the firmware package cannot be flashed offline.


How To Flash Smart Ultra 7 (VFD 700) ROM

Read and carefully follow the guide below to successfully flash the firmware and get your device working once again.




Flashing Instructions

  1. Download Sugar MTK SP from the link above, then extract all its content to your Computer desktop
  2. Navigate to SUGAR_MTK_SP/tool/usb driver and install the drivers in the folder by running install.bat. If you use Windows 10, follow the link in download options to install additional drivers.
  3. Once driver installation is complete, turn off your smartphone and wait a few seconds
  4. Navigate to SUGAR_MTK_SP\tool\ and run/execute SUGAR MTK_SP.exe file to launch the firmware flashing software. If the program requests for update, select NO.
  5. Once the tool starts running, it will request for username and password. Check in SUGAR_MTK_SP\pass.txt file to find login details. If the server is busy, an error message will be displayed like: incorrect username/password. Just close the program and retry until you’re able to login.
  6. If login is successful, check the top-left (below Product Models) and select V700
  7. A New Port should now display, click on it and select Upgrade
  8. Now connect your turned off device to the Computer via USB cable.
  9. The tool will now search for the latest firmware for your device. Please be patient as it might take up to 30 minutes, in some cases, more.
  10. Once the latest compatible firmware for your device is found, it will be downloaded and automatically flashed on your device.
  11. Immediately flashing is complete, the device will reboot automatically to system.
  12. Be patient and wait for the boot sequence to complete. First boot might take a while (up to 10 minutes).
  13. Done!


Note: At the time of this post, the latest firmware is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


Thanks to Adreno306™, xda-developers.


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