Share your work with Leakite

For at least four years now, we at Leakite have done our best to provide smartphone technicians and ‘users‘ the best files (stock/custom ROM, recovery, etc) to help them fix software issues on their phones and tablets ‘without charging a fee‘ (we run ads instead). But the fact remains that we don’t and can’t have access to all smartphone software used in different countries across the world.

In that case, we have decided to let you wonderful technicians share your files and other content (if you want to) with others who might be in need, via our platform. And just so we’re clear- you will receive full credit for whatever content you share with us.

Without typing so much c**p which no one wants to read anyway, please take note of the following if you want to share anything with us and actually see it published:-

  • Files must not contain any passwords
  • Must not be promotional content
  • Must not already exist here (you can use the search option to be sure)
  • Must be tested to be working (and useful)
  • Should be uploaded on cloud storage and linked here
  • Device manufacturer and model must be stated clearly (if relevant)

If you have decided to share with us please click here or just click the Submit File link on our menu.

If you wish to promote a product or service, please do not use this platform. Contact us directly.

Thank you, for your interest, and for reading this.