dr.fone: Recover Deleted Photos & Other Data From Your Phone Easily

You might be wondering how possible it is to actually recover deleted or missing photos on your Android device. With dr.fone – Recover, consider it a done deal. If you have doubts, well, only one way to find out, read on.

Sometimes when we accidentally delete a photo we just believe that’s the end of it, the photo is gone. That’s not true (or at least, before now it was). You can actually recover deleted photos on your Android smartphone or tablet easily, by carefully following the instructions in this article.

dr.fone: Recover Deleted Photos & Other Data From Your Phone Easily 1

We always advice that you backup your device before flashing a new firmware or performing factory reset because mostly, data is lost after the process is complete. Some virus infection on your Android device requires that you format your storage to clean up the infection, in such case, all photos on your Android device will be lost (if you don’t have them backed up on any cloud storage or other storage drive).

Also, when your device accidentally falls to the ground and it happens that your screen got broken, the touch screen might cease to function. In this case you will no longer be able to access those important photos on your device.

What is dr.fone – Recover?

Dr.fone – Recover is the first Android data recovery software that helps you recover deleted photos on your device, and it has the highest recovery rate. With this software, lost data is not actually lost.

Why should I use dr.fone – Recover?

One of the things I love (and you would too) about dr.fone – Recover is that it takes safety of your personal data seriously. It is completely safe and secure. It does not store or expose your personal data; it only reads the data on your device and allows you the opportunity to preview recovered content before you restore/save them to your device. You also have the option to selectively restore specific photos.

With dr.fone – Recover, you can recover photos lost as a result of:

  • Accidentally deleted photos
  • Factory/data reset of your Android device without prior backup
  • Virus infection
  • Broken device screen (causing you to not have access to photos on your device)
  • Firmware re-flash (software update)
  • Corrupt or formatted SD card

What happens to my personal data after recovery?

After recovering deleted photos on your device, the existing data on your phone is not deleted or even tampered with. It remains as is. Dr.fone – Recover only helps you to get access to your lost photos (and other important data) but does not modify any data.

What to do once you no longer have access to your photos:

To ensure that you can actually recover your deleted photos quick and easy with dr.fone – Recover, you need do the following once your photos go missing:

Stop using your phone

Don’t use the phone until you have recovered the lost photos. When you delete a photo only its address in the memory changes, but the moment more data queues up in the memory, that space/address is occupied by a new file and you might permanently lose the data you want to recover.

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and try not to use file transfer/sharing apps

As already mentioned, transferring or sharing files when you have not yet performed the relevant steps to recover your deleted photos might cause the recovery process to fail because the address/space occupied by the deleted photo(s) might be overwritten.

Download and install dr.fone Recover

dr.fone – Recover deleted photos recovery tool is a life saver. With over four million downloads and counting, it is one among the most sought after tools to recover deleted photos (videos, and other important data) from Android phones. dr.fone Recover is available on both Windows and Mac platforms, and to mention but a few, it has some of the following features:

  • Does not only recover deleted photos from Android, but also recovers messages, videos, call history, WhatsApp data, documents, contacts and lots more. So if it’s not just your deleted photos that you wish to recover, dr.fone – Recover is at the rescue.
  • The software works perfectly fine with more than 6,000 Android smartphones and tablets.
  • You can selectively recover deleted photos and other Android device data depending on your needs.
  • It allows you to scan and preview your deleted data prior to recovering them.

Be it a broken Android phone, SD card, or rooted and unrooted Android phone, dr.fone –Recover literally recovers data from almost any device. As you already know by now, it recovers data lost due to OTA updates (or flashed firmware), factory reset, rooting or Custom ROM flashing, bootloader unlock/relock, locked or password forgotten phone, or even failed backup sync. Whichever be the case, “you can always trust on this software to recover deleted photos from Android effectively and efficiently”.

Different Modes of data recovery with dr.fone – Recover

When using dr.fone – Recover, there are three (3) different data recovery modes you can choose from (depending on the issue that lead to photo loss or the drive to recover from):

dr.fone: Recover Deleted Photos & Other Data From Your Phone Easily 2

  1. Recover deleted photos on your Android device internal storage: This recovery mode scans your phone’s system storage for lost photos (and other recoverable data) and allow you the choice to preview recovered photos before you save them.
  2. Recover deleted photos on Android SD cards (External storage): Here you can make the choice to scan and recover photos from an external storage drive (Memory Card or SD card) via a card reader plugged into your computer.
  3. Recover deleted photos on broken Android devices: You should select this mode if you have been locked out of the phone. For instance, if your screen is broken (or unresponsive) or you can’t access any data on the phone due to lock screen protection.

Now that you know all about dr.fone – Recover and prerequisites for using it to recover deleted photos, click here to read the full guide about how to recover your deleted photos on your Android device.


Dr.fone – Recover does not only recover deleted photos on your device. It can also recover your deleted or missing contacts, messages, video, audio, whatsapp data, documents, and call history.

The user interface is pretty simple, and anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to utilize all the features of dr.fone – Recover because the options in the dashboard are completely detailed and straight to the point. You can easily understand what an option does without extra help or having to stress yourself.

With the complete dr.fone toolkit, you don’t only have the option to recover deleted data. You can also transfer files between phones and your computer, backup & restore device data (including app data), repair corrupt system (for iOS), unlock screen protection, or even erase data if necessary to fix certain software problems.

If you are a professional smartphone technician who is serious with business or an advanced phone user who likes trying new ROMs (or toying with your phone’s software), we strongly recommend that you use dr.fone toolkit. It will help safeguard your data from loss, recover important data if lost or deleted, root your smartphone with ease, and transfer files to and from other devices.

Have you tried dr.fone – Recover yet, or have any questions regarding the software? Please share with us!

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