Collection Of Qnet Stock Firmware Flash File

Download the official stock firmware flash file for Qnet smartphones ad tablets from our collection below and follow the recommended flashing instructions.

If your device firmware is not listed here already, post in the comments section so we help you get.

Download Options

Qnet Infinite S8+Download
Qnet Hynex H6Download
Qnet Hynex H5Download
Qnet Passion P6Download
Qnet Passion P3Download
Qnet Passion P2Download
Qnet V9Download
Qnet Q12Download
Qnet Q11Download
Qnet Hynex H3 PlusDownload
Qnet Elite E1Download
Qnet B7Download
Qnet Royal R2Download
Qnet Soul S2Download
Qnet Royal R1Download
Qnet OracleDownload
Qnet NeoDownload
Qnet Neo N3Download
Qnet MaltaDownload
Qnet WisocoDownload
Qnet V9 PlusDownload
Qnet TevezDownload
Qnet Jazz J2Download
Qnet Hynex Luxe 1Download
Qnet V7 PlusDownload
Qnet TescoDownload
Qnet Swd D22Download
Qnet Stark K1Download
Qnet Spectrum Q5505Download
Qnet SonarDownload
Qnet SkylerDownload
Qnet NexenDownload
Qnet Max X3Download
Qnet Max X2Download
Qnet Max X1Download
Qnet Matrix S13Download
Qnet Macro M6Download
Qnet LynuxDownload
Qnet Luxury L2Download
Qnet Luxury L1Download
Qnet LuxgenDownload
Qnet LinxDownload
Qnet Levin V2Download
Qnet Levin V1Download
Qnet Jazz J8Download
Qnet Jazz J7Download
Qnet Hynex PlusDownload
Qnet Fusion F1Download
Qnet F7Download
Qnet CyclopsDownload
Qnet CosmosDownload
Qnet AstroDownload
Qnet Aston A2Download
Qnet Aston A1Download
Qnet WiscoDownload
Qnet PioneerDownload

How To Flash

After downloading any firmware from the above links, unpack and extract all its content to a folder then follow the instructions here to learn how to flash if its Mediatek (MTK).

If you downloaded an Spreadtrum (SPD) firmware, follow the flashing instructions here instead.


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