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Werner Link asked 4 weeks ago

My ZTE Blade A602 2017 for Germany (Android 7.0) is dead after a bad flash.
Does anyone know where to find a firmware for ZTE Blade A602 to use Mediatek (MTK) SP Flashtool. It must contain the MT6737_Android_scatter.txt file.
Thanks for help Greetings Werner

2 Answers
Collins Edim Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Currently we don’t have any flashtool firmware for Blade A602. This YouTube video has a firmware for this device, but I cannot confirm whether or not it works –
The file there is for MT6735 but Blade A602 chipset is MT6737, kinda confusing. You might find something useful in the comments there though.

Collins Edim Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Here’s a better link to the firmware as requested via email – Consider posting further replies on this thread for faster response. Do let me if it works out!

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