Collection Of Posh Official Stock Firmware Flash File

Download the official stock firmware flash file for Posh Smartphones from our collection below and follow the recommended flashing instructions.

If your device firmware is not listed here already, post in the comments section so we help you get.



Download Options

Equal Pro LTE L700 (A) – Download

Equal Pro LTE L700 (B) – Download

Icon ProHD X551 – Download

Icon S510 – Download

Kick ProLTE L520 – Download

Kick X511 (A) – Download

Kick X511 (B) – Download

Lynx A100 – Download

Lynx Plus A110 – Download

Micro X S240 (A) – Download

Micro X S240 (B) – Download

Optima LTE L530 – Download

Primo Plus C353 – Download

Revel Pro X510 (A) – Download

Revel Pro X510 (B) – Download

Titan Max HD E600 – Download

Titan Pro HD E550 – Download

Ultra 5.0  LTE L500 – Download

Ultra Max LTE L550 – Download

Volt LTE L540 – Download

Volt Max LTE L640A – Download

Equal Lite W700 – Download

Equal Max S900 – Download

Equal S700 (A) – Download

Equal S700 (B) – Download

Kick Lite S410 (A) – Download

Kick Lite S410 (B) – Download

Memo S580 – Download

Orion Max X550 – Download

Orion Mini S350 – Download

Orion Pro X500 – Download

Orion S450 – Download

Pegasus 3G S400 – Download

Pegasus Plus C351 – Download

Revel S500 – Download

Titan HD E500 – Download

Volt Max LTE L640B – Download




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