Collection Of OnePlus Official Firmware

Download all OnePlus smartphone official firmware files from here and follow the flashing process to install.


Click here to learn how to flash.



Download Options
DeviceSoftware VersionRelease DateLinkFile Size
OnePlus 5OxygenOS 4.5.142017-11-07Download 1.5 GB
OnePlus 3TOxygenOS 4.1.32017-04-17Download 1.46 GB
OnePlus 3OxygenOS 4.1.32017-04-17Download 1.46 GB
OnePlus 2OxygenOS 3.5.82017-04-12Download 1.27 GB
OnePlus XOxygenOS 3.1.42016-11-10Download 797 MB
OnePlus OneOxygenOS 2.1.42016-01-19Download 732 MB

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