Nokia Planning 32-inch and 50-Inch Smart TV Launch in India

With a massive success of Nokia Smart TVs in India in the past, having released post launches of 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch Smart TVs to the Indian market that welcomed and accepted Nokia’s power TVs. Nokia is willing to flex the muscle again by diligently launching new models Smart TVs to the market. This is rumoured to be done sooner than later, as it appears that the Smart TVs can already be found in the BIS certification website.

Nokia Smart TV 55 inch (55CAUHDN)
Nokia Smart TV 55 inch (55CAUHDN)

Nokia is working on the release of two more new smart TVs for the Indian market, coming in 32-inch and 50-inch screen sizes. With the TVs likely to be the cheapest smart TV in India Nokia has made so far.

Since the new Nokia Smart TVs will be in 32-inch and 50-inch, you are likely to wonder why the screen sizes were reduced from the post launches of 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch to 32-inch and 50-inch instead.

It is expected to have a growing or improved service, but this is very business logical and accurate. A whooping high standard smart TVs with quite impressive sizes of the 41, 55 and 65 inches roamed India and showed quite enormous success, but was it very affordable for the masses that has shown to love the Nokia’s cool devices? Do not forget India has the world’s second largest population of over a billion people, a vast market with both rich and the poor vying for the same products.

Nokia’s suitable intention to create same quality smart TVs with lesser screen size but very affordable, making them the cheapest, is a door opener to people that couldn’t seem to afford the post releases that had higher screen sizes and prices.  It also leads to a total device count of 5 that renders different options of 5 different sizes for the masses to pick from. You just have to pick based on your pocket this time, and that is unarguably a great idea.

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The 32-inch Nokia smart TV will come with full HD resolution ability, with a sporting model number of 32TAHDN, while the 50-inch would have UHD resolution and sporting model number of 50TAUHDN.

Both come with similar features of the past Nokia smart TVs released, to pinpoint the idea of releasing the same quality but with better affordability. The features are Dolby Audio, intelligent Dimming, DTS Tru-surround and JBL speakers.

Same as the past Nokia TVs were built; the 32-inch and 52-inch would surely not depart or be different in the built-in compartment or features. They both run on the Android TV platform, having also a Chromecast, Google Assistant and Play Store access.

Looking at the prices, we believe the 32-inch Nokia Smart TV is to be placed around Rs 21,999 price tag, which is around $295 USD. Since the 43-inch Smart TV is priced at Rs 31,999, it is expectant that 32-inches should go for less, making it more affordable for the Indian Market.

The 50-inch Nokia Smart TV is also likely to be placed in an affordable range, with a suitable price tag to be around Rs 36,999 ($494.75 USD).

What can the Nokia Smart TV do?

Ever wondered the difference between having the Nokia Smart TV and a regular Tv? It is simple, the features a Smart TV possesses, can take a significant role of having multi devices off your hands. Like you simply can let your phone or Laptop rest, and get your Wi-Fi connected to your Tv, and stream movies with Netflix, Youtube or any streaming sites, all you need to do is download the apps on your Tv from your Android TV Play Store. That is cool, as you no longer need to stream via phone or your laptops.

Let’s take a look at some things the Nokia Smart TV can do.

  1. Flat screen design, with all ports behind (HDMI, USB, WI-FI, A/V and LAN Ports available)
  2. Powered by quad-core processor.
  3. 4k resolution.
  4. 2.25GB RAM and 16GB storage.
  5. Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio and DTS TruSurround sound.
  6. Exceptional audio and video quality, you do not need extra speakers or sound systems running with this TV, as the audio already sounds unique like any sound system you would desire itself.
  7. Android TV Play store
  8. Google Assistant and Chromecast

With Google Assistant, you can tell your Smart TV things to do.

These are quite a number of superb qualities a Nokia smart TV offer. With it not being stated when the Nokia Smart TV 32-inch and 50-inch would be launched, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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