Most Helpful Apps for Students

With technology, there is fun; more educational fun. The current digital era has a wide range of resources to offer for the student – thanks to the daily digital innovations. Technology has made the entire learning process easy, reducing the burden students face when they need to access resources such as notes or when they need to stick to a given learning routine.

One of the common ways students enjoy access to educational resources and every other technology-related activity is mobile applications. There are many mobile applications crucial for the learning process, and therefore, students should quickly grab such essential opportunities. The following applications are vital for the student.

  1. Lecture capture apps
  2. Revision apps
  3. Exam preparation apps
  4. Student planner apps
  5. Bibliography helper apps
  6. Video call apps

Lecture capture applications

Attending lectures for a whole two to three hours is commonplace in most college institutions. However, educational activities such as lecturing are taking an easy path with assistive lecturing applications. The apples have improved the capabilities of capturing or recording lectures. Therefore, a student must install the application and store clearer audio and visual classes for later use.  A good instance of such an application is SoundNote.

Revision applications

Revision applications are also typical in the education industry. Usually, during examination periods, most students may rush from place to place trying to recover some long-forgotten printed notes. However, technology has simplified everything for the student, and therefore, a simple installation of a revision application is efficient enough to save one from last-minute revisions. Some of the revision applications include GoConqr, Examination Countdown, StudyBlue, etc.   

Exam preparation applications

Many applications are already on the market to help the student achieve the best out of an exam. The applications are interactive and can even connect test-takers to use similar examination revision materials. The apps are also crucial in tracking the learning progress of the student. They include TCY Exam Prep, Bench Prep, My Custom Essay, among other typical applications.  

Student planner applications 

Planning is crucial for the student and, therefore, devising processes that smoothen student plan preparation. Many planning applications can save students time preparing paper plans. The apps have better suggestive features that enable the student to create a good technique suitable for achieving a given set of goals.  Apart from saving students from paperwork, such applications are crucial in saving the time a student would have otherwise taken to think of how a plan should look. Good instances of such applications include Android applications such as Timetable and My Class Schedule. On the other hand, iOS supports applications such as Class Timetable. 

Bibliography helper applications

As a student, you will often encounter the burden of creating hefty bibliographies. However, it is crucial to consider a second partner, an application, to help you maneuver through the entire process. With bibliographies, you have to ensure to include the correct information in precisely the right places. Some of the bibliographic helper applications will help you eliminate such burdens by creating references of many books just in a single scan. Such will increase your access to most of your bibliographic needs and, therefore, complete your bibliography quickly. 

Video call apps

Video calling applications have a wide range of features essential for learning. For instance, with FaceTime and Skype, skype on a tablet, attend some crucial lesson, browse the web, or compose some educational material. There is a greater ability to share resources in such applications.   

Student safety applications

The safety of each student is crucial. Therefore, to promote safety, developers have come up with good applications for monitoring the student’s safety. The applications offer precautions such as connection with closest friends. A good instance of such applications is The Circle of Six apps.

Many applications are available to give education a different perfect education experience. Some other applications crucial for the student include wake-up applications, responsible-drinking applications, fitness, and healthy eating applications, among many more.

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