Huawei MediaPad M1 S8-301L & S8-301U Firmware Download

In this post is contained the download links for Huawei Mediapad M1 8.0 firmware for the following variants:

  1. MediaPad M1 S8-301U – 16 & 18 (16 Gb & 8 Gb)
  2. MediaPad M1 S8-301L – 16 & 18 (16 Gb & 8 Gb)
  3. MediaPad M1 S8-301w
  4. MediaPad M1 S8-306L
  5. MediaPad M1 S8-701u

To further assist with selecting the firmware that will suit your device and not brick it instead, take note of this information:

Note: Where you see 16 after the firmware model/variant, it means that the flash file is meant for 16gb version of Mediapad M1. And where you see 18– indicates that the firmware is for the 8gb version.

Take careful note of this information as you are entirely responsible for whatever happens to your tablet from your use of the files/information in this post. I am doing my best to assist you fix/flash your device, but I am not the one flashing the device for you.

If your region/country is not listed below, download and flash the firmware package that is not country-specific.

Download Options

Model | Build NumberFirmware Region
S8-301L | V100R001C238B008DownloadUnited Kingdom
S8-301w | V100R001C115B003DownloadSpain
S8-301L | V100R001C001B008Download
S8-301L | V100R001C178B005SP01Download
S8-301L | V100R001C170B002DownloadRussia
S8-301L | V100R001C206B006DownloadPoland, Other Carrier
S8-301L | V100R002C178B003Download
S8-301L | V100R001C371B001DownloadPoland, Orange
S8-301u | V100R001C170B002DownloadRussia
S8-301u | V100R001C209B006Download
S8-301u | V100R001C199B006DownloadMiddle East
S8-301u | V100R001C199B006DownloadTunisia
S8-301u | V100R001C331B005DownloadPanama
S8-301u | V100R001C199B005DownloadMiddle East
S8-301u | V100R001C377B003DownloadIndonesia
S8-301u | V100R001C233B009Download中国渠道
S8-301w | V100R001C232B002DownloadPhilippines
S8-301w | C233B005Download中国渠道
S8-306L | V100R001C225B007DownloadTaiwan, FET
S8-306L | V100R001C225B010DownloadTaiwan (China) FET
S8-701u | V100R001C209B009DownloadCambodia
S8-701u | V100R001C170B005DownloadNonspecific, Russian
S8-701u | V100R001C209B009DownloadLao People’s Democratic Republic
S8-701u | V100R001C119B008DownloadVietnam
S8-701u | V100R001C199B007DownloadKuwait
S8-701u | V100R001C199B006DownloadTunisia
S8-701u | V100R001C134B003SP02DownloadGreece
S8-701u | V100R001C199B006Download
S8-701u | V100R001C199B006DownloadGhana
S8-701u | V100R001C181B002SP01DownloadCroatia, T-Mobile
S8-701u | V100R001C209B009DownloadLao People’s Democratic Republic
S8-701u | V100R001C199B003Download
S8-701u | V100R001C170B008DownloadRussia
S8-701u | V100R001C250B005DownloadTaiwan (China) TWM (Taiwan)
S8-701u | V100R001C384B001DownloadPhilippines
S8-701u | V100R001C199B006DownloadSouth Africa, Cell C
S8-701u | V100R001C250B007DownloadTaiwan (China)
S8-701u | V100R001C199B006Download

How to flash MediaPad M1 S8-301 flash file

Click here to follow the flashing instructions for Huawei Mediapad M1 8.0 S8-301L, S8-301U, S8-301w, S8-306L, and S8-701u stock ROMs.


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