LG to unveil LG Wing: dual display smartphone

You might call this crazy or funny, but it is real. The LG Wing dual display smartphone comes with two rotating screens that end up looking like a cross. It may sound weird or may not be understandable, but it is not that complicated to understand. And this isn’t like the regular foldable phones you already know.

LG to unveil LG Wing: dual display smartphone

Imagine a T shaped smartphone with two different screens coming together to form the T shape or a cross like structure. That is how it looks when you rotate the main screen of the phone. Or two screens laying on each other, but you can rotate the top layer screen to show the screen behind, at the end forming a T shape screen, with both display able to show different or the same thing dependent on you.

It is quite a good idea for monitoring your game or in a zoom conversation and on the other screen leave you social media chat like WhatsApp opened. But the innovative design is what gets people crazy about this device.

LG’s new device is an $840 to around $1,000 USD smartphone, to be unveiled on September 14. It’s already raising dust with its weird rotating form that yields a T shape, which is unique and specific to this phone.

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The Wing possess a main screen up front that has the ability to rotate into a landscape revealing a smaller secondary screen just under it, creating a T shape or cross-like look. This look and ability has a wowing effect already on tech lovers, as many can’t wait to get a hold of the device. Though, the exact purpose and features both screen offers in terms of usage is not very known at the moment, until the phone is unveiled. We just have to keep our fingers crossed on that one.

LG announced a new Project earlier this week called the ‘Explorer Project’. It is aimed at creating new smartphones with distinctive qualities, as they focus on finding out consumer’s challenges and need. Then add to it the idea of diving into unexplored areas to create their new products and give the crowd solutions to their challenges in an innovative way.

In a video, LG showed its newest smartphone which delivers a new mobile experience relating to the Explorer Project. The video showed the capability of the handsets clockwise rotation, which is something people would love to explore.

Though LG hasn’t confirmed or stated the phone specifications. Leakers have predicted the new LG phone is likely to have a triple camera setup with a 64-megapixel as its main sensor. And It is expected for the smartphone to come with Snapdragon 700 series chip, likely the SD765G.

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Unfortunately we can’t state or say all the features and specs of this unique device, due to the specifications and total features not yet unveiled by LG. The launch should give more details on the specifications which we would have to wait till the 14th of September.  

With insiders in the tech industry claiming the LG Wing with dual screen would go on sale late this month or early next month, the desire to get to know more about this phone especially on its features and specification is left hanging.

So if you are wishing to follow up on the unveiling of the device, then you can take note- the LG wing is to be unveiled at LG’s virtual event which was already stated to be on the 14th of September. It will take place at 7:30pm IST, through the LG Mobile Global Facebook page and YouTube channels. So you can easily take a pick on that, and if you fail to, the specification and features of this device will be published here on Qadgets.com, so stick with us for more details.

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