Infocus M680 Stock Recovery- Download and Flashing

This stock recovery image is meant specifically for Infocus M680. Flashing it on any other smartphone will cause the device to soft-brick- please don’t.

If you are looking for a custom recovery to flash on your Infocus device, click here.
It is important to have a copy of your stock recovery (or whatever partition you’re modifying) before attempting to modify, port, or flash the custom partition image. If you have flashed a wrong recovery image, or by any means messed your M680 stock recovery, download and flash this stock recovery to fix. Thanks to Mohd Faraz for providing the stock recovery image.
  • InFocus M680 stock recovery – Download
The recovery image shared above requires SP flashtool to flash. If you don’t know how to flash with flashtool, click here. Or use Flashify app.
If you want to port and flash TWRP recovery on you Infocus M680 without having to modify any file but follow a simple porting wizard, click here. If you prefer ClockworkMod recovery, click here.

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