How To Start Your YouTube Gaming Channel In 2021

The gaming community is one of the largest YouTube communities and has a lot of scopes. It is competitive with a huge target audience. New creators may find it challenging to make it to the top as a gaming YouTuber, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. It would help if you had the right software to focus on your target audience and grab whatever opportunity to earn more views.

How To Start Your YouTube Gaming Channel In 2021

This article will explore how to start a YouTube gaming channel in 2021 and make it a success.

1. Decide on a niche

Before you get started as a gaming YouTuber, you should be clear on your niche or the games you will be streaming. Below are the following niches you may find on YouTube gaming communities.

* Tutorials 

If you are a professional gamer, then this one’s for you. A considerable part of your audience is on YouTube trying to learn the art of gaming, and a professional like you will be the right fit for them. Stream walkthroughs or guide your viewers in the first player. Make sure your content is relevant with on-point commentary to engage and grow your audience.

* Break records

Do you have a thing for breaking records? If you are passionate about breaking world records, you have the edge over other gaming niches.

* Reviews 

Are you good at analyzing games? Do you get asked about games and which ones to play? It is a sign that you are a good reviewer. A lot of gamers are on YouTube, trying to figure out what game to play next. Make sure that your review videos are informative, explicit, and with proper evidence.

* Livestream 

If you are an everyday gamer, then you should consider live-streaming. Live-Streaming has gained popularity since Ninja Streaming on Twitch and achieved success. The top games that are streamed live are The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, and Phasmophobia. 

2. Pick a game to focus on

It is undoubtedly tempting to explore every game when you start a YouTube channel. However, you will be lost with no precise aim. Furthermore, you may lose followers if you keep switching between games. For example, if you focus on Among Us and then switch to Minecraft content after a couple of months, you may lose whatever audience you have built by Among Us videos. 

If you are here to grow your gaming channel, here’s a piece of advice for you. Choose one game and stick to it. YouTube’s algorithm is sophisticated but rewards consistency. If the algorithm knows you’re a gaming creator making videos about Among Us, it’ll recommend your videos to like-minded viewers. 

Do not run towards all your passions at once. It does not mean you have to stop playing other games, but play only one in your gaming channel to bulk up content.

3. Get the right equipment

How To Start Your YouTube Gaming Channel In 2021

Below are some of the gaming equipment that you may require. 

* Console or PC

PS5, Xbox One, and PC/Mac are some leading choices for gaming hardware. It is suggested that you use a PC since you can record, edit and transfer your videos from one centralized location. Download a screen recording software of the highest quality and editing software. Although consoles have advanced features and flexibility, you can’t directly stream videos from your PS5 or Xbox One to YouTube. Investing in a good gaming PC will go a long way when building a YouTube gaming channel. 

* Camera 

Your built-in camera is not enough for streaming. Instead, choose a webcam with intuitive controls. 

* Mics and headphones 

How are you going to make witty commentary without mics and headphones? You can use your smartphone’s audio recorder if you are pre-recording your video. Make sure that the quality is good and people can hear and understand without distortion or clipping.

* Capture software and device 

With a professional video capture device and software, you can give your audience high-definition visuals. 

* Editing tool 

It would help if you had professional video editing tool, or you could also use games video editors to edit your gaming videos.

4. Start building your YouTube channel.

Think of a unique but straightforward name for your YouTube gaming channel. You do not have to commit to the name and can change it later on. Also, create a content schedule for consistency. Although, you do not need to post a video daily to keep up with YouTube’s algorithm. You can choose a day in the week and post a video each week. In this way, YouTube will notice your consistency, and YouTube will start recommending your videos to like-minded gamers. 

Add informative descriptions. Your descriptions should explain what the video is about. Your descriptions will help your videos get ranked on the search results page. Also, include links to your social media channels to connect and engage with your viewers. 

Lastly, add eye-catching, high-quality thumbnails. Thumbnails are the first thing that a viewer sees before clicking on your video. Your thumbnails determine if your video is clickable or not. Your thumbnail should be clear and should convey the central theme of your video. Add texts and animation for creativity.

5. Participate in online gaming communities 

It is challenging to come up with new video ideas, especially when you are just starting. Participating in online gaming communities will inspire you to generate ideas. Moreover, you can even market your YouTube channel with other gamers in the community. You can also build your community with time. Share your videos with your friends and family and ask them to spread the word. Ask for feedback and work on it. Include CTA’s at the end of every video and ask your viewers to like, share and subscribe to your videos and channel.

To conclude, you need to be prepared before starting a YouTube channel. Make sure that you have decided on your niche and have the right gear to get started. Starting a YouTube gaming channel may sound like a lot of work, but it will surely pay off in the end with consistency.

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