How to send push notifications on blogger blogs

Sending push to notifications to your blog readers is pretty easy. With push notifications, you can alert your blog readers with quick tips, or important information. Also, push notifications helps offer real-time updates to your readers.

Setting up push notifications takes only a few minutes…lets get started already 😉
How To Setup Push Notifications

Step One: Sign up at PushCrew
Step Two: Login to your dashboard. At first login, you should automatically be taken to the code installation page. If it does not, from the left menu, click Settings > Get Code 

Step Three: Copy the displayed code, then login to Blogger dashboard, Template > Edit HTML. Now search for </head> and paste the code earlier copied, just above </head> then Save template

Step Four (Optional): Go back to PushCrew tab and scroll down to customize the look and feel of your push notifications 
Step Four: To test if your push notifications is perfectly installed, open your blog url in a new tab, then click Allow when the push notification confirmation pops up.
Step Five: Go back to PushCrew, scroll to to the bottom of your current page and click on the Send Test Notification button. 
Note: this will only be clickable if you have at least one subscriber. That is why Step Four is necessary.
Step Six: Fill out the push notification form, and send. Go back to your blog, and refresh the page
Note: The push notifications also display on your Desktop, not just in-browser.
Take a look…

For WordPress users, setup is extra pretty easy…just download the provided plugin and install..

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