How to restrict Android Apps from consuming Data

Android users battling with the problem of data consumption by most data-hungry apps like Google News, Instagram, etc., will find this useful on how to control excessive data consumption. It’s not everyone that is lucky enough to have unlimited data to download videos, visit any websites and do other online activities without bothering about the data charges.

Most internet users (especially smartphone users) only manage to subscribe for specific purposes. But it’s annoying when other unnecessary background Apps consume the data meant for other things thereby increasing our data bill and unprepared expenses.

Most times, we are left with no option than to disable or delete the background App. To know how much data you do consume, go to Settings, tap Network and Internet, then click on Data Usage.

Here are the few tips that will help you regulate and control your data consumption, although Google said some features will only be seen on Android 8.0;

  • Set up alerts and limits:
    If your data is consistently consumed by other Apps, you have the option of setting up a notification alert and limit that will inform you when you’ve reached a certain usage level or which can automatically turn off your mobile data when such level is reached.
    To set up alerts; Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > Mobile data usage > Settings. Select Data warning and input the megabyte or gigabyte threshold at which you’d like to receive a notification.
    To setup the data limit, Go to Mobile data usage > Settings. Turn on Set data limit, tap OK > Data limit, and enter the megabyte or gigabyte limit at which you’d like your data to be automatically put off. Then click on Set.
  • Restrict background data for specific apps:
    This allows you to restrict data for choosen apps which will hinder it from working without your permission. You won’t receive notifications from them and it will go a long way in controlling your data allotment.
    To do that, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > Mobile data usage. Turn off the background data by scrolling down to the App you want to restrict and clicking on it.
  • Turn mobile data off completely:
    This option comes when you’re left with no other choice. You go to settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Data. Lastly, you can also delete an App entirely if you want to be sure that that’s it’s not consuming Data unknowingly.

Using any of the above described options can help you save a lot of money on internet data subscription and cut down on apps consuming data while you’re not actually using them.

If you have other tips to share with us, please use the comment section down below!

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