How to multitask your android like a pro

The default Android app switcher is cool, but not as good, fast and smooth as Swiftly Swift. This app helps switch between apps without having to press any button on your device. All you need do is tap your screen, and drag your finger to the app you wish  to switch to.

One amazing thing about this app is, its pretty fast (guess I already mentioned that ;P).

How to use the app

Want to download from playstore to pc then transfer to phone? See: How to download APKs from Google PlayStore via PC web browser

  • Install and run


  • Enable Edge 1 and click on Step 2. 
  • Now go to Settings > Accessibility  and enable Swiftly Switch -free

  • Go back to Swiftly Switch-free. Step 2 should now be displayed in a Green box, indicating that everything has been properly setup.

  • Setup is now complete. 
  • To launch Swiftly Switch app switcher, just tap and hold on the mid-right of your device screen and drag your finger to the app you wish to switch to.
To use advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade to pro version.

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