How To Flash Google Pixel 5a 5G Fastboot Firmware

It’s important that your Google Pixel 5a 5G smartphone firmware is kept up-to-date, by ensuring you upgrade and update the device software to the latest version as soon as it’s officially made available. This helps keep your phone secure and bring you new features; bug fixes and patches; security updates, to mention a few.

If you’re used to flashing mods (like custom ROMs, Recovery, Boot, etc.) this fastboot firmware will help restore your Pixel smartphone to stock state, if the need arise. Like when you end up with a black screen or phone stuck on boot screen. Mostly as a result of flashing incompatible or corrupt software or ROM. You can also remove root access and fix most software issues by flashing this official fastboot firmware for your specific device.

When you download the fastboot firmware that is compatible with your device from the link(s) below, following the instructions we’ve provided to guide you through the flashing/installation process. Do not hesistate to ask any questions where you require assistance- we’ll do our best to respond in time.

Download Pixel 5a 5G fastboot Firmware

VersionCarrierFirmwareRelease Date
SQ1A.220105.002 (Android 12)DownloadJanuary, 2022
SP1A.211105.003 (Android 12)DownloadNovember, 2021
SP1A.211105.002.A1 (Android 12)VerizonDownloadNovember, 2021
SP1A.210812.016.A1 (Android 12) VerizonDownloadOctober, 2021
SP1A.210812.015 (Android 12)DownloadOctober, 2021
RD2A.211001.002 (Android 11)DownloadOctober, 2021
RD2A.211001.001 (Android 11)Softbank, KDDI, RakutenDownloadOctober, 2021
RD2A.210905.003 (Android 11)Softbank, KDDI, RakutenDownloadSeptember, 2021
RD2A.210605.006 (Android 11)Japanese carriersDownloadJune, 2021

Before proceeding with the steps below, ensure that you’ve downloaded the required Fastboot firmware to flash on your Google Pixel smartphone. Also, follow all steps carefully.


  1. Fastboot ROM (download above)
  2. SDK Platform-Tools package (Fastboot/ADB files)
  3. Pixel device, charged to at least 50% battery capacity
  4. Fastboot Driver – Download (Windows only) how to install
  5. USB Cable

Once the above requirements have been met, continue with the steps below:-

Getting Ready

  • Unpack content of platform tools archive to an empty folder (or just any place that’s convenient for you)
  • In the same way, unpack contents of the downloaded Fastboot firmware to the folder containing the platform tools
  • Now install drivers for fastboot, to allow communication between your smartphone and PC

Unlocking Bootloader

To flash/install Fastboot ROMs on your Pixel device, the bootloader must be unlocked. Already have unlocked bootloader? feel free to skip this step.

  • First off, you need to enable Developer Options. Navigate to Settings > About Phone > Build Number and tap Build Number 7 times.
  • Once developer options is enabled, navigate to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging and enable USB Debugging.
  • While in Developer Options settings page, find and enable OEM Unlocking
  • Now boot into bootloader/fastboot mode: hold Volume Down + Power button. This method will only work on a switched off device.
    • On a device that is turned on, execute this command in CMD to reboot to bootloader. In the folder where you extracted platform tools content, hold down the Shift key + Right mouse click. In the menu that appears, click on “Open command window” to launch CMD. Now type the command below:

      adb reboot bootloader

  • To confirm that your device is actually in bootloader mode, key-in this command:

    fastboot devices

    • Your phone serial number will show up. If it doesn’t, you’re missing something. Try reinstalling bootloader/fastboot drivers and restarting your PC.
  • Now that your phone and PC has been setup correctly, key-in the command below to unlock your Pixel device bootloader. Note that this step will completely erase ALL data on your device. If you need to make a backup, well, now is the time to go back and do that.

    fastboot flashing unlock

    After executing the command, a popup should appear on your phone with a warning, asking you to confirm that you really wish to unlock your bootloader. Use volume buttons to select Yes and confirm selection with the Power button.
  • Your device bootloader is now unlocked!

How to Flash Google Pixel Firmware via Fastboot

Your device bootloader is now unlocked and the required firmware is ready to be installed. The hard part is all done.

  • Reboot to bootloader mode (disregard if your phone is still in bootloader mode)
  • In command window, type the command below


    • You can also just directly double-click and run flash-all.bat file located in the firmware archive you earlier unpacked.
  • Wait patiently for the flashing process to begin and finish completely. Do not interrupt for any reason.
  • Once done, restart your phone to system- if it doesn’t boot automatically.

If you prefer a more automated flashing process, you should consider using Google’s new Android Flash Tool that runs on any web browser with WebUSB support (such as Chrome and Edge 79+).

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