How To Flash Custom Recovery in Spreadtrum Devices (CWM/TWRP)

If your device is not one of the popular or commonly used smartphones or tablet, finding an already built custom recovery sometimes can be stressful: that is, if you eventually find one after searching.

For Spreadtrum (SPD) devices, porting a custom recovery is not all that easy as in Mediatek (MTK) based smartphones. You can easily port custom recovery to your mtk device via MTKdroidtools, or one of the ‘Easy custom recovery installation tools‘ for TWRP, Philz.

This post will guide you through installing / flashing custom recovery on your Spreadtrum smartphone without having to modify your stock recovery.img or any other file in your phone. Just download and flash.

Of all the custom recovery image files listed here, if you don’t find the exact one that suits your phone’s CPU, try all of them out and one certainly will work smoothly on your device.

Scared you’ll brick your phone? You won’t! So long as you follow the instructions carefully.

NOTE: As all files and instructions on Leakite is to help you get the best out of your smartphone, your use of this guide is entirely at your own risk. If your phone flies to Mars, or starts crying…you take full responsibility for that. 🙂

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Prerequisites –

Custom recovery Flashing Tools


  • MobileUncle Tool (Phone app) – Download

Custom Recovery Download

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How to flash custom recovery via MobileUncle Tool

  1. Download and install MobileUncle apk file from link above
  2. Download the the recovery file to flash: unpack to sdcard and rename to recovery.img.
  3. Copy the recovery.img file to the root of your sdcard. That is, /sdcard/…
  4. Run MobileUncle Tools and tap Recovery Update
  5. Your sdcard will be scanned, and the recovery file detected
  6. Tap / select the scanned recovery.img. It will now flash the file on your phone.
  7. If asked to reboot into recovery mode, select yes/ok.
  8. Done!

How to flash custom recovery via fastboot

  • After setting up fastboot on your PC, and downloading the recovery file to flash:
  • Extract the recovery image file from the archive, then rename to recovery.img
  • Connect your phone to Computer via USB, while its turned on.
  • Launch command prompt from the folder where the recovery file is (hold Shift key then Right click, select Open command window here).
  • Now run the following commands followed by Enter key at the end of each line:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot reboot

  • Done!

If the recovery image specified for your device does not work properly, or you can’t find one for your device, you will have to try all of them to see which works.

To avoid flashing the wrong recovery file and loosing your stock recovery (if you don’t have a stock recovery or firmware backup), follow the instructions below.

How to boot custom recovery without overriding stock recovery

  • Follow all fastboot instructions as given above, but run these commands instead:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot boot recovery.img

  •  Any recovery file that boots and works correctly without displaying errors, go back and flash it via MobileUncle or Fastboot.
  • Done!

Custom recovery credits (xda-devs): – @dev.shinchan (TWRP) – @thedevilashish – +ElectronikHeart (CWM)   If you have further questions or complain about this guide; discover any broken link- please post in comments section below.


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