How To Flash Android N FTF Firmware File On Xperia Z3 Via Flashtool

Xperia Z3 Android N ftf firmware

Some days ago, Android N Developer Preview was released for some Xperia Z3 variants and I published an article on how to flash the firmware via Xperia™ Companion using your PC. A reliable internet connection is required for this.

Thanks to XDA member, jjwrongjj, an Android N flashtool flashable .ftf file is now available for Xperia Z3 variants that currently support Android N. To manually flash this firmware package, please follow the guide below.

How To Flash Android N FTF On Xperia Z3


  1. Xperia Z3 Android N FTF – Download
  2. Flashtool (v0.9.18.6) – Download
  3. Xperia Z3 D6603, Xperia Z3 D6653, or Xperia Z3 Japan series

Flashing procedure

Step One: Run the downloaded Flashtool software and complete the installation  

Step Two: Once Flashtool installation is complete, navigate to C:Flashtooldrivers and install flashmode and Xperia Z3 drivers  

Step Three: Once driver installation is complete, close the wizard. Now, copy the downloaded D6603_Android_N_Preview_NPC91K.ftf to C:Flashtoolfirmwares

Step Four: In C:Flashtool, run Flashtool.exe (32bit) or Flashtool64.exe (64bit)

Step Five: Click on the lightening bolt icon, then select Flashmode

Step Six: From the Firmware Selector popup, select the firmware you downloaded and click Flash

Step Seven: If your Z3 device was connected to the computer, disconnect and power off the device. Press and hold Volume down, then reconnect to PC via USB.  

Step Eight: The flashing process should be in progress now. Wait for it to complete.

Step Nine: Disconnect and reboot your Xperia Z3 device, if it does not reboot automatically.

That’s all! Your Xperia Z3 device is now running Android N Developer Preview. If you have any questions or complaints, please post in comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post to friends.

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