How To Fix Your Infocus Device After Update Crash

Some users often brick their devices whenever they attempt using Infocus inbuilt device firmware update. I cannot explain why this happens or it’s cause, but I can help you fix your device with such problem as this.

Using any of the methods I’ll be sharing in this article could erase all the data on your device. So, I think you should be expecting that if there’s a chance of reviving your bricked device. Let’s get started already!

Method #1

  • Try accessing your device stock recovery (try pressing vol up + power button, if  this doesn’t work on your device us vol down + power button).
  • If you successfully boot into recovery mode, wipe/erase your device data and cache, then reboot.

Method #2

  • Install fastboot/adb drivers for your device on your pc. If you don’t know how, click here.
  • Now boot your Infocus device into fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down + Power button at the same time.
  • Once it’s in fastboot mode, connect the device to PC
  • Now, while holding down Shift button on your PC, right-click on the folder containing your fastboot/adb files and select Open command window here.
  • In command window, type the following commands followed by Enter button after each command line

fastboot devices

This is just to verify that your device has been properly connected in fastboot mode. It should display your device serial number.

fastboot erase userdata

fastboot erase cache 

Ignore this command if you get any error message.

fastboot reboot 

  • Disconnect the device from PC and allow it to boot completely.

If any of these doesn’t fix your device, you will have to flash your device with a completely fresh stock firmware. To download your device specific firmware flash file, click here.


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